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To notify supervising bodies on employment of the foreigner it is possible by mail

a little life of the employers employing " was facilitated; visa-free foreign experts. They had an opportunity to avoid turns and to notify supervising bodies on hiring of guest workers by mail.

As a matter of fact, such right to heads of the enterprises and personnel services have given still one year ago - then the corresponding governmental order has been signed. However mechanisms of its realisation have been started only in the end of last week.

In Federal migratory service hope that simplification of paper procedure will serve as stimulus for employers more responsibly to concern notices. According to FMS, from the beginning of this year of work permits it has been given out 790 thousand migrants. And here messages on their reception for work has arrived twice less.

Now notices on labour activity of the foreign citizen in territorial bodies FMS and Rostruda will be accepted in all post offices. Employers need to prepare only two separate letters with the declared cost and the inventory of an investment and to direct to their addressees. It is possible to take forms of notices in migratory service, branches of a mail service or to unpack them from an official site Mails of Russia in point of collective access to the Internet.

Having sent by mail the notice, the employer will receive on hands of the receipt and otryvnye coupons. Service cost - 180 roubles.

Thus in a press - service Mails of Russia have paid attention that communications service providers will not give consultation under the migratory both labour legislation and rules of filling of forms.

By the way

Until recently within the limits of the migratory legislation migrants used services of mail only to notify supervising bodies on the arrival to a place pribyvanija and about registration. From the beginning of year to FMS by mail it has been directed more than 2,2 million notices.