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Leonid Radzihovsky: Russia has started monumental, interesting and brave enough project

When - that in other geological epoch, in 1973, the secretary general of the Central Committee of the CPSU Antropov has printed article which - unlike usual nachalstvennoj noodles - has made the big impression upon a society. Actually, the impression has been connected with one phrase: We live in a society which we do not know . Sounded not more poorly chernomyrdinskogo wanted as better... and approximately on the same theme. And the main thing, both that and another - a gospel-truth.

our Ignorance begins with the unpredictable past. And speech not about professional podchishchalah stories, and about more important thing. Memory, as it is known, - the guide to action.

And so: what remembers (that wants to remember) our society itself? What was forced out from consciousness? What was replaced with myths? What myths and why?

For many intellectuals popularity (and with a sign " appears eternally fresh sensations; plus !) Stalin - thus that all facts do not disappear today, on the contrary, constantly emerge on TV. By the way, Lenin is much less popular, and here to October revolution the relation till now at least 50 on 50 . And so on - on all historical scale.

That there cooks in to a collective cranium the countries? I do not know, how to whom, and to me this question is represented to much more important, than any modern political treskotnja, - so roots is always more important, than cones (though cones happen more painfully!) . And here to get into this box not so - that is simple. We can soon see the extremely curious attempt it to make.

On TV - the channel Russia the new project " is started; the Name Russia which it would be possible to name past elections . The list from 500 names of outstanding citizens of Russia " is published; all times and the nations except current. Then the big sociological poll and simultaneously voting on a site are spent, telephone and etc. 50 names " are as a result selected; historical winners . On June, 12th this list is disclosed, one more direct vote is spent, following the results of 12 finalists are defined. Their names are disclosed on September, 1st, and then will pass a current - the shows devoted each them of them. Idea, on - to mine, rather fascinating. These historical prajmeriz In - the first, partly replace real political prajmeriz - one of the main entertainments of any society. Heat there precisely are have shown all " not less; literary courts for example over t. Stalin, passing at us on the different airs. The people seize where hot, than even concerning tariffs for gas.

Such elections have even some advantage before present elections. If past fire burns down not more poorly today`s here figures there are discussed and face much more scale. In the today`s policy there is Petrov, no Leninyh, Stalinyh, and in the literature there is no Pushkinyh and Dostoevskys. So for hot discussion anyway more scale and deep - not the fact only that it will be possible to spend a subject and discussion on adequate ideologically - art level . By the way, if fight concerning politicians more or is less guaranteed and on a question Means - the purposes and of results and the purposes of their noble activity here is how to recover show about Pushkin or Tolstoy (it is easy to understand that they for certain will get in a gold dozen ) To me, for example, not clearly and to listen to competition of superlative degrees boringly enough.

But not only process of elections is entertaining.

Their result too is instructive! Before us - instructions not on the real leader, and on for what in an ideal wait from this leader. Search not figures, and an archetype. So for quite real president of Russia here there is an information to reflexion: the Fairy tale - lie, yes in it a hint, to kind good fellows a lesson .

And here all stages are interesting.

Selection of the first 50 names, certainly, speaks only about their popularity to general public. And here different figures are in obviously unequal position: popularity inversely proportional to distance in time. the rare bird will reach the middle of Dnepr - it too concerns the river of time. But those flies who will break through time web, - really large and, having got in 50 With scope will fly and in 12 . So it is easy to assume among them Alexander Nevsky, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great and Ekaterina. Anyway I in a tote (it will be silly if it will not open) put on them. (By the way, it is interesting, how much I will miss.)

Well and further - XIX and the XX-th centuries.

Finalists to predict not too difficultly. Well should get to number 12 pure and dirty Russian stories the same Peter - Stalin - Lenin - Ivan, and from number nepolitikov Pushkin, Gagarin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Yesenin, Zhukov... Notice, surnames were wrote not alphabetically, and on what - from my point of view - a place they occupy in consciousness of the people. However, here two more unconditional vacancies for me remained opened.

Why - that seems to me that Gogol and Chekhov, which after all too in school pass nevertheless will appear less popular, than Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Well, Pushkin, clearly, out of competition also can quite count on the main prize (to the dress with Peter and, perhaps, Stalin), and here Lermontov I would not risk to insert into number 12. Why? I do not know. Intuition. To it - to god, it is amusing - how much was mistaken. Also the starting pistol has not burst, and already dart off...

But are interesting not only 12 the main things (everyone with the points), but also 50, forming the first circle . Perhaps, they it is even more interesting, because predstavitelnee, and there more unexpected figures for certain will get. For example, Stanislavsky - passes competition in this historical theatre? And really Berdjaev - yes ? If yes it is possible to admire - what at us, contrary to widespread sad myths, all - taki really formed country! If is not present, it is possible to doubt that iridescent myths about high spirituality correspond to a reality. Certainly, it can dare not one Berdjaevym or Tyutchev, but, say, a parity of the parties of a triangle: sportsmen - generals - thinkers in a national Pantheon . By the way, the state in Russia both stone hands votes for poets: unlike Paris or London in Moscow prefer monuments not to horse field marshals, and writers. So was and at the tsar when, say, in Petersburg there were Suvorov and Bezbordko`s prospectuses, and on them streets: Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Zhukovsky and even Lermontov (here to you and you, zhadnoju crowd standing at a throne... ) . And as business with toponomikoj any provincial city was: Russia - the country state, and a power Vertical duplicated streets of poets.

So, the power traditionally is engaged monumental propagation of poetry . But how much this marble and a granite go for the future? Or the people pass by monuments as indifferently how at school through books, and prefers brutal horsemen and is simple hockey players?

At last, though among 12 for us hardly probable wait fine strangers but character a current - show is interesting also. What Lenin - 2008 sees the people? And Pushkin - that think of it, the singer of Empire and Freedom ?

And how Russia will decipher a name of the winner - whatever it was?

Yes, Russia has started monumental, interesting and brave enough project. No, here is not present, clearly, administrative risk - informidably to say everything that you want, about those who is not present. Risk in other: to keep a rating - and not to give in to historical populism. Show is exact not a history lesson - but a problem in that this show could become a lesson for our society. And it is easy to tell, yes it is difficult to make.