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Dmitry Medvedev personally undertakes fight against corruption

About a corruption problem in Russia tell all time, but till now anything effective against it have not thought up. To overcome corruption president Dmitry Medvedev is going to undertake attempt, having created council about fight against corruption under own presidency.

Fight against corruption became one of components of election campaign of candidate Medvedev on a state post of the head. At the All-Russia civil forum Medvedev declared that in case of coming to power he intends to achieve development of the national plan of fight against corruption. Yesterday this work has entered solving phase. will suffice to wait, - Medvedev has declared, holding corresponding meeting in the Kremlin. - corruption has turned to a system problem, and we are obliged to oppose to this system problem the system answer .

- it is obvious that corruption is a threat for any state, - the president has explained an essence of a problem. - it decomposes the business environment, reduces capacity of the state, is reflected in image of the state. But the most important thing, corruption undermines trust of citizens to the power.

In Russia corruption level on - former high. Medvedev has cited the data - in 2007 is raised ten and a half thousand criminal cases in this sphere. but we perfectly understand that it simply top of an iceberg - the head of the state has doubted objectivity of official statistics. It and is clear - corruption always has the latent character, therefore it is difficult to catch the bribe taker for a hand. it is difficult to find, difficultly to investigate and difficultly to make answerable korruptsionerov - as the lawyer was distressed Medvedev.

- That we need to do? - Medvedev has wondered and itself has answered: - A problem, obviously, uneasy, the series of measures, instead of dot decisions is necessary. Differently, the national plan of counteraction of corruption is necessary.

It should include a minimum three sections. The first section - legal.

the President has urged to modernise the legislation. In particular, having applied the complex, interbranch approach, to close blanks in the legislation. Medvedev has reminded that there is a bill on corruption counteraction where still there are moments for discussion. In the second part of the national plan, according to the president, measures on counteraction and preventive maintenance in economic, social spheres, and also creation of system of stimulus to anticorruption behaviour should enter. Medvedev has explained simply - it is necessary to liquidate conditions for corruption. this most difficult that actually is necessary to us: Transparency of the state procedures connected with state podrjadami, with tenders, with administrative regulations, creation as a whole more favorable business environment - the head of the state has specified. a separate theme - justice perfection, strengthening of authority and independence of court, - the president has underlined. - the set of anticorruption measures depends on independence of court and, the main thing, their efficiency " also;. Today Medvedev will just hold meeting on development of judicial system.

- We should create the anticorruption standard of behaviour - without it will be nothing, - Medvedev is assured. - after all in the developed countries as we usually speak, in the countries with high legal culture of bribes do not take not only because are afraid, but also including because it is unprofitable, it destroys career up to the end. And it, maybe, the strongest stimulus.

After meeting General public prosecutor Yury Chajka has confirmed - to state employees the strict measures of criminal and administrative character can be applied. As he said, the state intends to consider possibility of acceptance of the measures including confiscation of property. He has informed that the plan on fight against corruption will be developed within a month and issued in the presidential decree. Dmitry Medvedev has decided to put fight against corruption under personal control. council about fight against corruption which is headed by the president " Is created; - head of the Office of the President Sergey Naryshkin has declared. Naryshkin thus will rise at the head of interdepartmental working group which in a month and should put on a table to the president the national anticorruption plan of action.