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Anatoly Aksakov: For the student the state

the State Duma will be charged Tomorrow will consider in the first reading the bill About educational credits . Who can obtain the credit, on what conditions and how to be, if there is nothing to liquidate a debt? One of developers of the law, the committee-man of the State Duma tells about it to the correspondent on the financial market, deputy Anatoly Aksakov.

: Anatoly Gennadevich, has begun one year ago experiment on state support of educational credits. But while wishing to use them it is a little. Why?

Anatoly Aksakov: In - the first, there is not enough information. I am assured that 99 percent of the future students do not know anything about it. And those who more - is less informed, are not assured that can repay a debt.

RG : And it is no wonder. After all banks give credits under 17, and even 19 annual interest rates and demand to repay a debt through 2 - 3 years. It is to the student not under force. Under the new bill on what conditions it is offered to take money? Under 10 percent how conceived in experiment the government?

Aksakov: it is unequivocal - on favourable terms. Granting of educational credits - world practice. The size of the basic educational credit on every academic year cannot exceed the maximum size which will establish the government, and also the cost of educational services specified in the contract between high school and the student.

RG: Pledge for credit reception is not required?

Aksakov: it is not required. It is possible to take a loan on accompanying services - a food, journey, habitation payment, and also on favourable terms. Within five years after the high school termination it is necessary to pay off with the credit, but percent, according to authors of the bill, should be repaid already from the study second year. We recognised that it is necessary to bring up at youth an active vital position and desire to earn. As such possibility is. For example, my son studies at the economy Higher school, from the second year works and provides itself.

RG: And - that, interesting, earned additionally?

Aksakov: Certainly! I have come to high school from manufacture where for those times received very decently - 300 roubles. Studied on a full-time department, but even the raised grant did not rescue. So earned additionally.

RG: That for interest to banks to give credits under concessionary interest rates if, for example, the rate of inflation can be very high, for example, 40 percent a year?

Aksakov: 40 will not be. I declare responsibly, as the financier. We have already passed those stages when it was real. Between a concessionary interest rate and real the state as it becomes all over the world should incur a difference.

RG: Here I, let us assume, the student, want to take the educational credit. Today it is necessary to find at least two provided guarantors who will confirm: yes, we will pay for it from the pocket if she does not repay a debt. What in the new bill it is told about guarantors?

Aksakov: For the student the state will be charged. It will participate in selection of banks and high schools which will acquire the right to work with educational credits. I do not think that banks will be much - can be, nearby 100, but it is obligatory at least on one in each region. Not all educational institutions will be included into this list.

RG: For example, I want to arrive in VGIK or HOSTS. Will give me the credit?

Aksakov: First of all the privilege will be received by high schools which offer the specialities claimed by the market in sphere of the industry, agriculture, building. Educational credits not only give the chance to children to study from rather poor families in good high school, but also form the system of a professional training focused on the market.

RG: whether such state guardianship will lead to a dependence: for you will pay, will be charged and even debts then will help to give?

Aksakov: By expert estimations, credits do not return about 4 percent of borrowers. Besides it is not necessary to forget that the majority of us - legislative citizens and if have borrowed, will try to give.

RG: Responsibility for a non-return of debts at us in the legislation is provided?

Aksakov: Only for swindle. Is, truth, article - illegal reception of the credit, but for physical persons it does not extend.

RG: As you estimate the market of bank services regarding educational credits?

Aksakov: I Think, within 50 000 credits in a year.

RG: It would be desirable to know your opinion as the financier concerning student`s grants. Perhaps it is better to replace them with coupons with a food, journey or privilege tickets at cinema, theatre?

Aksakov: Coupons for dinners, social travel cards, privilege tickets - excellent help for the student. I support. But to cancel the grant I consider as the unreasonable decision. I would pay in the best not less than 5 thousand the roubles, in time on well and perfectly - it is less, depending on quantity chetverok and pjaterok. Well and if has received though one three - excuse, a companion! It is impossible to stimulate laziness in study even with the low grant.