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Yury Luzhkov: In 2010 in Moscow will pass run of ancient cars

the Run of ancient cars similar to the Italian autorally 1000 miles will pass in Moscow in 2010 - the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has declared, having returned past Sunday from Rome where it took part in automobile race.

It is the best race in the world, - he admits, having spent four days at the wheel. - only at the final stage I have erased two pairs gloves while has overcome for 16 hours almost 800 kilometres of the final stage of run on a route of Bresha - Rome - Bresha .

to difficulties of road which passed in many places on mountain streamers, the torrential rain was added. Meanwhile ancient cars (and participate in it rally the cars made with 1927 for 1957) can only, it appears, had no yard keepers, and at many besides were also weak headlights. It is not surprising that some tens cars have not reached finish. But only not the Moscow mayor. to me even in a head the thought did not come to withdraw, - he will tell then. - I have been adjusted on a victory and wanted to finish race .

Yury Luzhkov`s Moral spirit was to whom to support. After all near to it in the same white suit and a white kepi his wife Elena Baturina has taken a place of the navigator. In the green cabriolet Lagonda - 45 1936 of release with the Russian licence plate they in the first put have passed 300 kilometres and have stayed the night in small town Ferrara.

In the second day have overcome a site still approximately in 500 kilometres through Ravenna and Republic the Dignity - Marino to Rome. The distance in the last of 800 kilometres became a finishing part of a way, overcoming which motorists have passed through Siena, Florence, Bologna, Modena, Mantua and have returned to starting point of races - a city I Tell lies. Places unfamiliar and difficult enough for orientation of beginners, - were told in the end of a way by Yury Luzhkov. - so the basic loading has laid down on my navigator to whom all time was necessary to verify the location of crew with a card .

However, to the driver too has got. After all at a green cabriolet was not only unusual for the mayor the right wheel, but also a brake pedal it is located under the right foot, that is there where modern cars have a gas pedal. Nevertheless the mayor managed even to avoid breakages of the car during a way.

And now it is full of determination to take part in races already at home, in Moscow, on the Golden Ring.

During them he intends to correct necessarily one injustice, characteristic for autorally 1000 miles . After all thus that 375 ancient cars have taken part in it from the most different countries - Great Britain, Japan, the USA, Italy, Holland, Argentina and others, to any Russian car of a place was not! in the history of the Russian car industry were car which can quite be competitors of the Italian rally, and in Moscow we will prove it! - Yury Luzhkov has declared.

the Inquiry

the First competition 1000 miles on a traditional route has taken place in 1927. Since then it passes annually on the route which has become by the traditional: Bresha - Rome - Bresha. The general extent of a route - 1600 kilometres. In the automobile race which has celebrated in last year 80 - letie, 59 marks of cars - from the famous Italian " now have taken part; Ferrari Maserati Alpha Romeo to Mercedes BMW, Bentley . The price of many of them is estimated tens thousand euro.