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Number needy in Russia was reduced on 2 million 600 thousand persons

Yesterday Federal Agency of the state statistics (Rosstat) has informed: number needy whose srednedushevoj the income below a living wage, it was reduced in the country on 2 million 600 thousand persons. However, according to same Rosstata, almost half of Russians on - former does not have not enough money for meal.

In 2007 below the breadline there were 13,4 percent of the population of the country, or 18,9 million person. In 2006 this indicator was fixed on a mark of 15,2 percent, and still earlier, in 2005, the quantity of the poor made almost 18 percent of all population of the country. That is it is possible to speak about a stable tendency: incomes of Russians though and slowly, but steadily grow. However together with incomes expenses increase also.

One of these days the government has confirmed a new ceiling of a living wage: in the fourth quarter 2007 its size has made 4005 roubles. Let`s remind that calculations of size of a living wage as a whole across the Russian Federation are made on the basis of the established consumer`s basket and given Rosstata about level of consumer prices (tariffs) for the goods and services which form its cost. According to the Law About a living wage in the Russian Federation the limit of a threshold of poverty is established quarterly as a whole on the country per capita and on separate socially - to demographic groups. In the fourth quarter of last year srednedushevoj the indicator in comparison with the third quarter has increased by 126 roubles and has made 4005 roubles. The able-bodied population living wage was tightened to a mark of 4330 roubles, pensioners - 3191 rouble, children - 3830 roubles.

So, in comparison with the third quarter 2007 the living wage size has increased on the average for 3,2 percent, and cost of a grocery basket for this period has grown for 5,7 percent, neprodovolstvennyh - on 3,4, services - for 0,5 percent.

By results of last research Levada - the centre 48 percent of respondents have negatively answered a question: whether incomes Suffice you to support themselves? That is characteristic, the quantity of such people practically does not change: in 1992 as 52 percent have answered. Why? After all 92 - j it was remembered to us as year of liberalisation of the prices when in shops there was everything, but people caught at heart, looking at price lists. And now and incomes constantly grow, and the number poor all time decreases... Experts find to it a simple explanation. Yes, for 16 years to live we became better. But thus money for other blessings of a civilisation, besides the most essential, remains a little.

It is remarkable that in 1991 for meal spent all income third of interrogated. In 1992 - m of those became twice more. Today this figure has, of course, decreased, but continues to remain enough unpleasant - almost all money is spent for meal by every seventh Russian.