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Special services of Morocco have prevented acts of terrorism in European Union capital

the Moroccan authorities declared detention of terrorist group. Fulfilment of large acts of terrorism in capital of the European Union Bruxelles was its purpose.

As have informed the Moroccan mass-media, local law enforcement bodies have opened the terrorist network which members planned to blow up a building of EuroParliament and to a gift Sheraton in Bruxelles. In plans of terrorists there was a fulfilment of several actions and in the Morocco. 11 persons who have been seized by policemen in the north of the country in the cities of Fes and Nador are at present arrested. As it has appeared, one of them is the Moroccan constantly living in Belgium.

For what purpose insurgents have chosen Bruxelles and the mentioned buildings for attack, is not specified yet. However it is known that terrorists supported close connections with divisions Al - Kaidy In the North Africa and the organisations hiring insurgents for sending to Iraq. According to some information, the similar act of intimidation with numerous victims in the centre of Europe should force to refuse the European countries participation in a democracy establishment in Iraq.

the Belgian law enforcement bodies while in any way do not make comments on the message on prevention of act of terrorism. According to representatives royal procurators and a capital commissariat of police, they yet did not receive any official information from the Moroccan colleagues. And about the happened have learnt from mass-media.

Now the numerous Moroccan community which exact number it is impossible to establish as many immigrants live in kingdom illegally lives in Belgium. However, by rough estimates, it already totals some tens thousand persons and continues to increase every year.