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In Myanma the mourning for victims as a result of hurricane

the Government of Myanma is declared declared three-day mourning for victims as a result of destructive hurricane Nargiz storming in the country on May, 2nd and 3.

According to all available information, as a result of act of nature 134 thousand persons are registered on victims or missing persons. From May, 20 till May, 22nd on all country national flags will be lowered a little.

According to RIA Novosti news agency, the damage from a cyclone is estimated in 10 billion dollars.

Despite enormous destructions and human losses, the country leaders at first refused flatly any foreign help. Obstinacy of the authorities of Myanma so has puzzled the foreign states that in Presidential Administration of the USA even appeals have sounded to dump humanitarian cargoes on the most destroyed settlements from air. However it it was not required: After a while the military junta of Myanma has decided that the country nevertheless needs the help. One of the first in the airport of Yangon the plane of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia has landed.