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The first structures with the Italian garbage have left to Germany

the Neapolitan streets has clouded a caustic smoke. Going out of doors, people put on masks or, at least, gauze bandages.

the set fire heaps of garbage Smoke. Now they in a city everywhere: on sidewalks near houses, on the areas in city centre and even on tracks. To station Giovanni`s Dignity containers and black bags with garbage was dragged by the angered Neapolitans.

At some o`clock railway traffic has been interrupted. Trains have started up again only after the police by means of rubber bludgeons has dispersed demonstrators. And workers of the municipal company Azia doing the cleaning in garbage, have cleared away garbage barricades .

the Chief of central administrative board of police of Naples Alessandro of the Penny has urgently called extreme meeting Committee of public safety with participation of the city authorities. The reference to Neapolitans to stop arsons of garbage began its result and not to scatter it on city streets. The authorities intend to give to a city, at least outwardly, a tidy look.

On Wednesday to Naples there arrives the prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi. In a city the first session of the new cabinet will take place. Berlusconi has warned: the government remains in Naples until from city streets will not clean a waste.

Till now all attempts to relieve a city from garbage have appeared ineffectual. Some enterprises for burning of a waste in Naples and its vicinities work with full loading. But their capacities obviously does not suffice. Are up to the top filled all burial grounds as here name open dustbins.

the Only thing that it was possible to make so it to cover with their polyethylene film. There was a unique way to solve a garbage problem : To send a waste to Germany which has a considerable quantity musoropererabatyvajushchih the enterprises. But it is expensive procedure. At Prodi`s previous left-centrist government of money for these purposes was not. But they have appeared at Berlusconi`s new government. The first structures with garbage have already got under way in a way from Naples to Germany.

the City adviser knowing maintenance of cleanliness, Dzhennaro of the Pier has encouraged townspeople: In day we send one thousand tons of garbage, - he has informed. - there are more railways not in a condition to pass. But even at such volume of transportations we count for 4 - 5 days basically to clear away garbage blockages in streets .

Representatives of Ministry of Health Italy which has arrived with inspection to Naples, has declared that direct threat to health of townsmen is not present . However anyway Neapolitans are going to meet Berlusconi and its government manifestations of protest against prolonged inactivity of the authorities which as a result has turned back a garbage paralysis .

In consular department of the Russian embassy in Rome have informed that to our tourists to avoid any recommendations visiting of Naples did not arrive. In those peripheral disctricts of the city where has accumulated a lot of garbage, foreigners usually do not carry. Besides in Naples of epidemics till now it has not been registered.