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The new mayor has promised to transform Vladivostok into garden city

Head of administration on the elections which have passed in Sunday of the head of administration of a city there was a promoted worker of party an United Russia the councillor of Federation of Federal Meeting of the Russian Federation Igor Pushkarev.

the Winner has already declared that will leave work in Council of Federation: Yes, the status of the mayor more low, - has told it, - but here and problems global . Igor Pushkarev has won three contenders, having typed hardly more than 57 percent of votes of voters.

But these percent only from the fifth part of voters: on elections vladivostoktsy have shown indifference unlike them. Usually low activity explain good weather, but it on Sunday was bad: a fog, a drizzle, cold. And all the same any impulse to select the mayor townspeople did not show. Polling districts frankly were empty. 20 percent taken part in voting - such in Vladivostok yet were not. And election campaign has passed frankly boringly.

It there was early election. Nikolay`s previous mayor - the person with ambiguous reputation - is deprived powers of the town governor ahead of schedule and condemned conditionally. The mayor to it Yury Kopylov - as has left the fifth year a post, but till now goes on courts.

Managers in Primorski Krai that choose that appoint, all of them as - that badly finish. It prove as the latest developments connected with a search at the present governor of edge Darkina, criminal cases on eight it zamov and other high-ranking officials of administration, and the decapitated management of the mayoralty. While the mayor sat nine months in sizo, its command has been deprived powers in connection with interest to it of law enforcement bodies.

But the selected mayor, judging by yesterday`s the press - conferences, intends to interrupt this tradition. Igor Pushkarev has declared that a victory did not doubt Also sees the problem in, that on following elections to make so that the appearance was above and people have believed in the power . He intends to guide in a month in Vladivostok cleanliness and an order and in four years, has told, here there will be a garden city .

Four years - this that term when the city should be ready to the summit of member countries ATES. In this sense to the mayor to make promises it is easy, regarding preparation for the summit on the mayoralty depends a little. Ideas for the summit, the allocated money, designers and contractors - structures federal. Actually and election campaign Igor Pushkarev has constructed on federal idea to hold in Vladivostok the international meeting. It seemed, do not act the government of the Russian Federation with this idea what the candidate for mayors Pushkarev would promise to voters?

the Problem before the new town governor was put yesterday and the plenipotentiary of the president in Far East federal district by Oleg Safonov. In its opinion, it is necessary to give special attention to the decision of social problems, a construction of roads, completion and acceptance of the General layout of a city, subroutine realisation the Development of the city of Vladivostok as centre of the international cooperation in Asian - Pacific region .

Seaside political scientists consider that the victory of senator Igor Pushkarev on elections of the mayor of Vladivostok was expected and natural.

the Newly elected mayor has already presented the first deputy. To them will be Natalia Vojnovsky who now is the head of administration of the city of Spasska - Distant and has good administrative experience.

the Inquiry

Igor Sergeevich Pushkarev was born on November, 17th, 1974 in the Chita region. Since 1992 has begun the labour activity by the general director of Open Company Park of Groups . In 1999 it has ended the Far East state university on a speciality the international economy . In December, 2001 has been selected by the deputy of Legislative Assembly of Primorski Territory.

Since 2004 Igor Sergeevich held a post of the representative of Legislative Assembly of Primorski Territory in the Federation Council.