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Vladimir Putin: To us not to do without an effective commercial policy

Yesterday the government has thought of that, instead of whether to reconsider the relations with the World Trade Organization. As four years of performance of obligations to this organisation has not led Russia to WTO membership.

Cowsheds Vladimir Putin, being the president, visited not so often. He is Dmitry Medvedev supervising the national project on agriculture, has had time to travel almost all advanced agroeconomy of the country. But now the prime minister will join the nature much. And at the same time will attach also colleagues: the plenipotentiary in Vladimir Ustinova`s Southern federal district, the first vitse - prime minister Victor Zubkov and Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev and governor of Stavropol Territory temporarily fulfilling duty Valery Gaevsky.

the Premersky landing in a cowshed was nonconventionally informal: without ties. Cows have met their amicable low. To visits so honoured guests here - in agrofirm Voroshilov`s Village - already had time to get used all. Exactly two years ago here, on a new dairy farm in a village Suvorovsky, came, truth, being the first vitse - the prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev in the company with Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev.

Alexey Gordeyev has arrived and now. However, to argue with Putin on that, how many milk one cow will give, did not become. Though dispute with Medvedev then has won, naming almost exact figure nadoja - 11,1 litres. And even convinced that it is not specially chosen cow as dojka occurs in the got turn, at each cow - the electronic passport on a collar the information with which instantly arrives on monitors.

the Farm has started to be under construction three years ago, but now here already more than one and a half thousand are black - the motley cows chosen on the best Dutch farms.

However, now it already Dutches of Russian origin. And in general here a world mix: a cowshed with warmed up floors from easy designs of the Russian manufacture - without walls, and only with a canopy, according to workers, the Californian project. In such conditions the Dutch cows of Russian origin give much more milk - 8,5 tons a year. For comparison: in Soviet period this figure was twice less.

- the Landscape matters, - farmers have bragged, showing on the Caucasian mountain ridge and promising that in good weather it is possible to make out and Elbrus. - from such kind nadoi raise on 2 - 3 percent.

With interest considered received visitors and curious fortnight calfs. At each of them the separate plastic small house and three meals a day from a bucket with a dummy. To pass by these kids, having disregarded them, it was impossible. Putin has stroked the bull-calfe who began to lick at once to it a hand.

- Feels a hand, - the director of agrofirm Yury Kajshev was not kept.

the Prime minister has smiled, after all he did not know that the bull-calfe was born on May, 12th - in day of appointment of the cabinet. Gordeyev has explained, why week calfs hold in the street under indefatigable low separated telok.

is a cold way of cultivation: if first three days sustain, immunity is developed, - the Minister of Agriculture has noticed.

the Prime minister about a half an hour has spent on a farm. It interested both economy development, and the salary of employees, and prospects. all we will do: both yoghurts, and kefir, and cottage cheese and as cows Dutch - god ordered to do and Dutch cheese - the owner of a farm Yury Kajshev has shared plans.

the Prime minister is assured that the country can not only provide own needs, but also to become the large player in the world food market

Met the prime minister with southern hospitality.

- it is unexpected, but it is pleasant, - Putin has noticed, but the invitation for a table has accepted.

And even with appetite ate both a borsch, and cutlets with small horns, and the Stavropol vegetables, and slow conversation on life, an economy had with the director operating, the veterinary surgeon and teljatnitsami.

- At first the daughter has come, and then mother has resulted, - the director told about shots.

- And the salary at you what? - Putin at farmers has taken an interest.

- 9 thousand, - the milkmaid has modestly told.

- 23 thousand, - the veterinary surgeon has responded.

Figures of the prime minister not that have surprised that, have more likely pleased.

After farmer hour Putin`s command has gone to solve problems of the food market.

possibility personally to visit edge of set aside governor Alexander Tchernogorov about which the prime minister knows firsthand yesterday was presented to Vladimir Putin. After all he in stay by the president had to warn the left Tchernogorov that if it will not introduce an order in the economy and will not stretch a pipe to farm Degtjarevsky and not to see to it a following term. Already new president has However, released Tchernogorov. And its armchair was occupied with Tchernogorov Valery Gaevsky`s former first deputy who had yesterday a debut.

It had not to report for unprofitable economy of edge which in comparison with 90 - mi became much less.

- Today in the country not 90 percent of the unprofitable enterprises, and 20, but too are a lot of, - Putin has noticed, having promised in a prime order to take up the problems of the food market.

And the prime minister is assured that the country can not only provide own needs, but also to become the large player in the world food market. Actually, therefore the main task Putin named increase in manufacture of milk, meat and grain and stability of the prices for foodstuff.

- If the prices leave for necessary borders protective mechanisms should join, - the prime minister has noticed. - now all occurs nesistemno and to the big delay.

to understand, the requirement for what import is really great, minekonomrazvitija and the industry and trade ministry should spend inventory of all international agreements, including on joining to the WTO. It is similar to a preventive attack.

- Our purpose - the WTO - remains, - Gordeyev has explained. - but we would like to have more accurate terms of the introduction into this organisation.

However, blow has been put and on import.

- the Tendency to import growth remains, - Gordeyev warned. - and on meat production even amplifies.

However, here the minister to anticipate words of sceptics, has destroyed and erroneous opinions that import growth is connected with noncompetitiveness of the Russian agriculture . It has appeared, it is competitive or can, judging by Gordeyev`s words, such to be. However, the minister nevertheless insisted and on introduction of a so-called mode of a fair competition which can form is customs - the tariff policy, and on tax preferences for agricultural industry.

Gordeyev on - simple has suggested to keep stimulating tax mode in branch. In - the first to keep the zero rate under the profit tax which period of validity once again expires on January, 1st, 2009. As decisions on its introduction are accepted annually, Gordeyev considers that similar practice generates disturbing expectation and reduces investment appeal of agricultural manufacture.

But also the branch subordinated to Gordeyev has not enough of it. In - the second, he has suggested to keep the preferential tax rate of the tax to the added cost in 10 percent on articles of food.

- jump of the prices for foodstuff Otherwise is inevitable, - Gordeyev has warned the present.

Vitse - the prime minister, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin just decides destiny of the VAT the verdict on which should be taken out in August, and hardly Gordeyev`s offer was pleasant to it.

But each minister defends the point of view.

- To us not to do without an effective commercial policy which reduces costs on a way from the manufacturer to the consumer, - Putin has explained.

Actually, thus the prime minister has actually put one more end in dispute on that, the norm of the law on the trade, limiting the trading margin is how much necessary. After all, as it is known, minselhoz insisted on restriction of the trading margin on socially significant products which now reaches 40 percent, however economists disagreed with it. But Gordeyev is persevering.

Yesterday he has suggested to solve immediately and a question on a direction in the authorised capital of Rosselhozbanka in addition 30 billion roubles. And to it have met.

But thus nevertheless whether ascertained, whether warned: the High prices for the foodstuffs will remain and in long-term prospect, at least the next 10 years .