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Euro talismans - 2008 will be Triks and Fliks

football talisman has appeared in 1966 in the World championship. Pedantic and pragmatic Englishmen by means of a young lion of Villi have decided to raise demand for the goods accompanying any competitions. Since then means from sale of T-shirts, caps, mugs, handles, charms with any simple symbolics make lion`s a part of the income of organizers of world championships.

In Europe have learnt to count money only 14 years later. Italians became pioneers. In the championship of 1980 they have even more advertised the character of a fairy tale of Karlo Kollodi Pinokkio known for the whole world. Frenchmen for Euro - 1984 used a Gallic cock by name of Peno who, by the way, is represented on the arms of federation of football of this country.

Organizers of the European championship - 1988 in Germany have refused a national symbol in favour of the hero of the American animated cartoons. In Walt Disney`s studio have drawn a rabbit of Berni. And in four years on football grounds of Sweden there was its anonymous twin-brother. Small animals could be distinguished only on colour of vests: at Berni it was black colour, and at the Swedish rabbit corresponded to colours of a flag - dark blue with yellow.

the Englishmen accepting continental superiority in 1996, remained are true to itself. The Euro talisman it became again left. Named its Goliath - from a word a goal (Goaliath and goal in an English equivalent). In 2000 Belgians and Dutches have slightly finished idea of the predecessors: have added to an English lion small horns. At them it has turned out djavolvenok . However, with quite angelic name - Benilaki. In it initial letters of both countries - organizers, and also a prefix " were combined; varnishes (lucky) that means happy .

the cheerful boy who likes to play football and which has idols - Ejsebio and the Fig became the Talisman Portuguese mundialja. Boy Kinash has borrowed the name from the emblem name - five boards, located in the centre of the arms of Portugal.

At the forthcoming European championship will be not only two owners, but also two talismans. Euro symbols - 2008 became little men of Triks and Fliks dressed in is red - the white form according to colours of national colours of Austria and Switzerland.