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The prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin has scarified the government for unevenness of execution of the budget

Yesterday the cabinet has gathered with its full complement for the first after creation of presidium government session.

In expectation of an unpleasant recognition vitse - a premiere, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin about absence of rhythm performed by the budget of its colleague actively was discussed by other problems. But occurrence of premieres - the minister has interrupted their pleasant dialogue. As Putin, perhaps, has scarified for the first time already the office. To ministers has got for unevenness of execution of the budget in the first quarter.

- Apparently from the information presented by the Ministry of Finance, a situation not quite safe, - Putin has noticed.

It has reminded that the budget of 2008 has been accepted in July of last year, and departments had enough time to be prepared for work . But the old problem with unevenness of execution of the budget has not disappeared. Departments obviously do not hasten to spend budget money. For the first quarter it is spent only a little more than 18 % of total amount of annual expenses.

However, ministers of an old office know about negative consequences of such situation on personal experience. Though Vladimir Putin has decided to remind also to them, and to warn about it newcomers .

- We risk again to face feverish development of budgetary resources in the end of the year, - he has noticed. - such mass vbros money in economy it is fraught with an additional push for negative processes in economy.

And first of all once again will adjust inflation from which the government and without that does not have a relation. As it has appeared, budgetary expenses under the project Accessible and comfortable habitation in the first quarter are executed less than on 4 %. Instead of planned for a year of 80,4 billion roubles in the first quarter it was possible to master only about 3,1 billion. Under the project Health it is spent hardly more previous, but all the same less planned - 11 % of annual volume (only 11,9 billion from 109,9 billion roubles). In total on four priority national projects ( Habitation Health Formation and Development of agrarian sector ) In the first quarter expenses have made 23,1 mlrd rbl. is only 9,7 % of annual volume. Thus the agrarian national project as has noticed the day before the governmental source, was not financed at all. The source, truth, has explained such situation possible liquidation of it nats the project in case of its association with the profile federal target program (FTSP).

But also with execution FTSP not all is smooth. Expenses on 27 of 47 FTSP in the first quarter practically were not carried out: on 16 FTSP they were equal to zero, and under 11 programs - less than 1 %.

ministers, apparently, explained this fact traditionally: in the beginning of year preparation of rules of financing of expenses, as a rule, is late, competitive procedures and registration of contracts are tightened.

So Putin from within has seen with what each cabinet every year struggled. And while unsuccessfully. Whether It will be possible to its government to raise performing discipline while it is not clear. Though it is obvious that at worst the office will pay off still with the big rise in prices.

Besides, according to the prime minister, from - for haste the result, quality of all works " suffers;.

But yesterday the government, perhaps, managed for the first time to save. On the Olympic Games. And outside of 2008. The made decisions on changes in the Olympic law have released the budget from loading in 33 billion roubles.

- All mountain klaster is transferred investors, - has explained, on what has saved the government, the minister of regional development Dmitry Kozak.

Anticipating this decision, the prime minister has noticed that, as well as expected, the most serious interest to the Olympic project has shown domestic business.

- That very much pleases, - Putin has told.

Under its data, concrete investors on 59 infrastructural and tourist objects " were already defined;.

As in the operating Olympic law transfer of the ground areas for erection of the Olympic objects only on the right sub rent was assumed, investors reluctantly were interested in projects. The government has offered them two variants of a solution of a problem: or the long-term rent, which right concedes to them corporation Olimpstroj, or subrent. As a result investors have chosen long-term rent.

However, soon in Sochi will arrive and 12 - the milliard additional financial help - for building of habitation, objects of transport and communications as complex development of the city in quality is mountain - a climatic resort the office considers as an integral part of the program of preparation of the Olympic Games - 2014 in Sochi. and this direction should be strengthened - Putin believes.

In 2009 design works on building of the Central ring highway (TSKAD) in Moscow Region should be finished. From 520 billion roubles the Investment fund will allocate 65 percent for these purposes. 10 more percent will be brought by the budget of Moscow Region. But the rest - for investors.

This project - one of the largest objects of already confirmed program of development of transport, private investors will be involved in participation in which also.

- That is in practice should earn concession mechanisms, - Putin has noticed.

Extent of a new line - 522 kilometres, on it are provided 31 outcome. It is supposed that the road will allow to unload essentially MKAD and departures from Moscow, to improve ecological conditions in region, effectively to involve its transit potential. Termination dates of building of road - 2015.

Having finished with building, the office undertook reconstruction. In 2012 it will be marked 100 - summer anniversary of the State museum of the fine arts by it. Pushkin which opening has been dated for victory celebrating in war of 1812. Here masterpieces of world and domestic art " are collected; - the prime minister has noticed. But museum problems in this time only accrued: it does not have not enough exhibition areas. As a result the office has decided that till 2012 to a museum will be in addition allocated 4,5 billion roubles.

Thus the prime minister has underlined: Practically never for all these years since 1912 in a museum high-grade major repairs " were carried out;. Some buildings will be transferred a museum, additional storehouses are constructed, showrooms are reconstructed. As a result it should become the modern scientific, cultural, educational centre.