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Czech Republic national team stakes on Peter Cheha and Yana Kolera

Today`s contender of Swisses - Czech Republic national team last years stably participates in all largest tournaments, truth, not always successfully.

After disintegration of Czechoslovakia by the highest success of the Czech team there was a hit in the Euro ending - 96. Then in the ending in an extra time the victory was gained by Germany, but game of Czechs became the present opening of tournament. Since then football players of the Czech national team are rather claimed in the strongest European clubs, and the national team year from a year confirms high reputation. Last World championship in Germany became a unique exception. The command of Karelian Brjuknera started from a convincing victory over Americans, but then has conceded in two major matches and has finished performance already at a group stage. It became a signal to leaving for veterans - Pavela Nedveda and Karelian Poborski. Will not be in Switzerland and Tomasha Rositski. One of the most experienced and key players on the eve of Euro has received a serious trauma and has been compelled to refuse the invitation in a national team.

But Brjuknera have trumps - the goalkeeper Chelsea Peter Cheh and Jan Koler from German Nuremberg . The Czech has directly declared that without gold medals to come back in club does not want. But whether contenders, including Krishtianu Ronaldu from " will allow it; Manchester United and Portuguese national team?