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Feodor Cherenkov: Russia can be overcome for the first place for Euro - 2008

to Look at training of our command the well-known player " has come; Spartaka Feodor Cherenkov who has answered questions of the correspondent.

: Feodor, in your opinion, that waits Russian national team in the championship? To leave how much great its chances from group?

Feodor Cherenkov: I Will answer simply - I will support that the command became the champion. Because level of national teams now podravnjalsja. After all there were cases when Danes and Greeks on whom nobody counted, won the European championships. Therefore it is necessary to be adjusted on the high aim.

RG: Whom you consider as our most difficult contender? Many name Spaniards as one of favourites.

Shanks: Has noticed, though, maybe, it only my personal observation that the Spanish championship strong, and here at a national team is not present recently the big achievements. It is not necessary to think that it is the terrible contender who necessarily will beat us. But, on the other hand, the Spanish football players too are mobilised.

RG: you as the former player Spartaka for certain most steadfastly watch for it is red - white - Pavljuchenko and Bystrovym?

Shanks: It is not necessary to divide now players on an accessory to this or that club. It is a modular, uniform command. And as though I supported spartakovtsev, but catching of on thought that the condition, mood and game of each football player are important. All of them for me same native, as well as spartakovtsy.

RG: Statisticans have counted up that Russian national team on this tournament - the young team. It to us on a hand or not?

Shanks: is not of great importance. In a command there are also skilled players so I will not search for pluses and minuses. About them knows a trainer`s staff is better.

RG: the National team at Guus Hiddink long was in search of the strongly pronounced leader. Now, apparently, it appears, and call its Sergey Semak. Presence of such figure in a national team is how much important?

Shanks: Leaders should be in any command. Because round these children other football players rally. They conduct companions behind themselves. So such it is possible to welcome only. It is good, when there is not simply command, and a command with the leader. Semak for this role certainly approaches.

RG: Perhaps, the main star of Russian national team its head coach Guus Hiddink is, and on it pin special hopes. How otsenivate its work? Whether changes in a play of the team are appreciable?

Shanks: Football is a command sport, and I do not think that correct to someone will assign more responsibility, and on someone - it is less. As to style of game of a national team Hiddink preaches bright attacking style which, certainly, is close to me. National team game is pleasant to me. Especially in last matches when accurate contours began to appear. It is visible that mutual understanding between the trainer and players has come. They already think as adherents, and this most important thing.

RG: how in Leogange have met Russian national team, became for you a surprise?

Shanks: Is not present, I am not surprised. In Austria always create good conditions for clubs and for national teams. Still when I played and came here, us too very well accepted. But all the same should be glad that already on an entrance to Leogangu of the Russian football players meet affably - along road extensions with good luck wishes hang. Have taken care here and of fans. At restaurants already special menu have in Russian made. As I have understood, Leogang waits for tourists. Everywhere Russian flags are hung out. So the big surprise was not. In the European countries regularity of life is felt. All is thought over, all is solved. Even the field has been constructed specially for trainings of our national team. I have tested a lawn, it very much was pleasant to me. It is visible that experts worked. A field equal, a grass dense. On such lawn and to be engaged pleasantly.

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