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The court has justified suspects on the case of attempt at Anatoly Chubays

Become empty corridors both the gone out windows of Moscow Regional Court and crowd of people at doors only one hall. A complete silence which exclamations blow up, an applause and bright flashes of cameras. So the ending of loud process about attempt at Anatoly Chubays, completely justified suspects looked the day before.

In any process there are two parties. And if the victory is celebrated by one another is dissatisfied with the decision. The victim - Anatoly Chubays in the statement following the results of court named a justificatory verdict of board of jurymen an error. Has thus said almost philosophical phrase that such error - the justification guilty - is better, than punishment innocent .

At once after clearing defensible Vladimir Kvachkov, colonel GRU, has given interview.

: Vladimir Vasilevich, what proofs have shown to you?

Vladimir Kvachkov:   the Most incontestable proof as was considered, were porolonovye rugs on which lay attempting in an ambush. Really rug presented for examination, completely corresponded to a roll found on my summer residence. But there was a discrepancy. From a scene of crime it has been withdrawn seven rugs which sizes are described in the report. And on examination have appeared why - that six rugs and other sizes. Whence they undertook and whence the roll on a summer residence undertook - I do not know.

In garage of my summer residence have found a box with the explosive machine and other attributes vzryvotehniki. But have seen it why - that only during the third search under the account of small garage. And during the previous searches anybody has not noticed it, and then it was found out, and on a foreground!

In other my garage about the house in Moscow have found cartridges and pomegranates. Neither me, nor the wife to survey and a search of garage have not admitted. The consequence asserted that series of the sleeves found in garage and on a place of attempt - same. It is full lie. At Chubays`s car fired bronebojno - incendiary bullets of calibre of 7,62 mm sleeves from which, and also under this calibre have found an automatic small horn there, whence conducted shooting.

And in my garage have withdrawn the canister with the hidden cartridges of other calibre - 5,45 mm. Later, when snow has melted, inspectors have spent repeated survey of a scene of crime and, it is necessary, have found a sleeve of calibre of 5,45 mm. But a series at it was absolutely another, as have fixed in the report. And there was then other report with other series on sleeves. But also these marks have not coincided with that which stood on the sleeves found in my garage. All these different interpretations are reflected in court reports.

RG: As well as why you have arrested?

Kvachkov: I Am afraid that someone blindly used my son Alexander. It has really gone with me on a summer residence and has asked to stop the car about turn on Larks. Left the car and was absent minutes thirty - forty. It has appeared that at it why - that in this place and at this particular time the business meeting with any partners in its small business has been appointed.

the First question of field investigators which I have met about the house, was: you stopped at turn on Larks? I have answered: yes. And me at once have told: you are arrested.

RG: your son on - former in search?

Kvachkov: Yes but where it, I do not know. I know only that from phone withdrawn from me someone from field investigators has called Alexander and some time to it talked. After that conversation my son has disappeared. And I seriously am afraid for his life.