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The State Duma has postponed amendment coming into force to the law about OSAGO

Deputies of the State Duma have decided to postpone yesterday coming into force of the simplified procedure of reception by victims of insurance payment on OSAGO.

As people`s choices consider, Russians are not ready to transfer on the territory the European experience. This simplified procedure provided by the Law About obligatory insurance of a civil liability of owners of vehicles grants the right to the driver in case of road accident to address with the requirement about insurance payment to the insurer with whom at it the contract, instead of to the insurance company from which the contract at other participant of failure is concluded is concluded. But that it became possible, the uniform automated information system containing data on contracts of obligatory insurance, insured events, vehicles and their owners, the state registry of experts - technicians, uniform standards of an estimation of regenerative repair is required. Otherwise the idea will be discredited. Therefore Duma members have approved yesterday of the amendment to the law, having established that the simplified order is entered not since July, 1st, 2008, and since March, 1st, 2009. That the insurance market has had time to be prepared for innovations. The bill also suggests to transfer since December, 1st, 2008 for March, 1st, 2009 norm coming into force about granting of the right to the victim under certain conditions to legalise papers about dorozhno - transport incident without militia participation.

the Duma has corrected yesterday and the Wood code that as the speaker of the lower chamber Boris Gryzlov has declared, tenants of forest plots did not have bases to forbid usual citizens to walk in wood to collect nature gifts.

News that an United Russia intend to leave with the legislative initiative obliging all parties to participate in pre-election debate, has stirred up the State Duma.

deputies of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation were especially inspired. what for to wait four years? Give directly at once and we will begin monthly debate on federal channels - Sergey Obuhov has offered. And Valery Rashkin has there and then designated themes on which the opposition though is ready to discuss tomorrow in a teleether - a galloping rise in prices food-cards for needy, clean elections. But Tamara Pletnevoj the prospect of monthly interparty battles on air seemed insufficient. She insisted on that to deputies from opposition the right " has been granted; to appear on television, communicate with the voters from the screen, by radio .

Communists has unexpectedly supported vitse - the speaker from LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky who has demanded to spend timing of Sunday transfer Parliamentary hour on RTR channel then to divide its time on justice - it is proportional to mandates of each fraction. from 70 Sunday minutes LDPR gets only two, and we - 9 percent of the deputy case - Zhirinovsky was indignant. the Communist Party of the Russian Federation last weeks in general has only one or two percent of an aether in Parliamentary hour - Sergey Obuhov has complained. However has not found sympathy at the chairman of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov. The speaker had other data which testified that any of fractions in Parliamentary hour Do not offend - teleether time is distributed proportionally. or at your experts any stop watches, or they consider incorrectly - Gryzlov has assumed and has explained: It is necessary to take time which is given to fraction not from time total, and from time which is given to representatives of fraction. The matter is that always there is a general information on State Duma activity as a whole. It at us is not, we will tell so, party, it at us the general. And here from remained time also it is necessary to deduce a proportion .

Acquiring a lesson, communists and the liberal - democrats have become thoughtful. And to approach has gone the United Russia party member Vladimir Medinsky who insisted on the legal commission to the Duma Committee on the constitutional legislation and state building and to Committee on culture to request in the government the information on its plans on uvekovechivaniju memories of victims of Bolshevist reprisals 30 - h years and fashistsko - nationalist terror in Russia.

Medical Insky has noticed that access to the materials of state archives allowing " was some days ago open; to estimate true scale of terror and once again to draw a conclusion that absence of trustworthy information conducts to occurrence of superficial and biassed representations, first of all abroad, that actually occurred in territory of the USSR in 30 - 50 years . The sluggishness in opening of archives against insufficient state support of actions on uvekovechivaniju to memory of victims of Bolshevist reprisals 30 - h years and victims of fascist nationalists during the period since 1944 prior to the beginning 50 - h leads to strengthening of gamble on this theme and deformed, mifologizirovannomu to history interpretation. Such gamble in Ukraine, in Baltic and in Transcaucasia " are especially indicative; - considers Medical Insky.

to Discuss on this theme the Duma opposition did not become. Deputies from words have passed to business. They have accepted in the second reading Technical regulations on maslozhirovuju production which safety requirements to maslozhirovoj production released in territory of Russia, processes of its manufacture, storage and transportation are established. As the chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy and business Evgenie Fedorov has informed, in State Duma plans to consider also technical regulations About potable water and drinking water supply About water removal on sokovuju production from fruit and vegetables, on tobacco production, the General technical regulations about electromagnetic compatibility about safety of glass, Technical regulations on confectionery production . Also, according to Fedorova, the technical regulations about fire safety, " prepare for consideration; About safety of advertising designs and their territorial placing About marks of foodstuff for consumers and others.