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In Geneva the zone for the fans, calculated on 60 thousand persons

In all eight cities which will accept the European championship will open, there are special zones for fans.

the Correspondent has decided to learn that expects fans in Geneva.

For this purpose it was necessary to undergo the next procedure of accreditation - in the city media centre. Have issued me for three minutes, have given out the admission and have suggested to drink coffee in a special bar. On my question - And as the fan - a zone ? Have answered that supposedly there is nothing while to do there.

I have not believed to the lovely girl. And in vain.

With a treasured card on a neck I have gone to the tent small town located nearby. But, alas - the input has been closed.

Brigades of builders hastily erected tents and attached to them tablets - Water Souvenirs First aid the Room of mother and the child (Is also such for women who will come to look at football with children). Tens toilets were quickly delivered.

By the way, the zone for fans on the area of Plenpale is the largest for Euro - 2008. Two talkative stewards with pride have shown from - for protections two huge screens on 60 square metres everyone on which there will be translations. In total territory can contain simultaneously to 60 thousand persons though on the first matches it is expected no more than 45 thousand.

Despite so impressive quantity of the fans, everyone at an input is waited by severe examination. On park territory it is impossible to carry by alcohol, the weapon, including penknives, and also morozhennoe and pyrotechnics. Everything that is subject to delivery, is specified at the special stand at an input. To unload a stream of spectators, the special foot marking is put on a path, which fans should adhere not to create a crush.

Except football will pass here concerts of the well-known actors. Yesterday before public acted glorified tennis player Janik Noa is no time, in the end of a month here there will arrive a symphonic orchestra from Austria and Swiss Gum klab .

it is interesting to you - how many there is to city budget this pleasure? Exact figures to me have refused to name, but have let know that it is a question of one and a half millions euro. By the way, the UEFA took a part of expenses on. Huge screens have been bought on means of the European association, also Michel Platini`s department has allocated to each of cities on 800 thousand euro and invested more than five millions euro in transport system, thanks to which journey to public transport for the people having the ticket for a match - free to and within 12 hours after game.

the Photo report about preparation of Switzerland for Euro - 2008