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Dmitry Medvedev has seemed German business - to elite the liberal European

to Ingo Manntojfel ,   the head Russian online - and radio editions Deutsche Welle:

the First visit of new Russian president Dmitry Medvedev to Germany has passed under the badge of sequence of development German - the Russian relations.

Medvedev and the federal chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel have confirmed again known positions concerning mutual relations and world politics problems.

So, in practice there was nothing essentially new. Something another would be perceived as sensation. The Russian leader follows traditions of a Putin policy not only owing to the biography and circumstances of launch of political career. It as the long-term chairman of board of directors Gazprom And vitse - the prime minister and itself influenced the Russian foreign policy in economic and power political aspects. Besides, would be premature to wait from president Medvedev of change of a political policy after some weeks after the introduction into a post.

But nevertheless: during visit of the head of Russia friendly atmosphere of which have taken care both Medvedev, and Merkel was evident. The criticism of possible plans on expansion of the NATO or the American system of the ABM has been stated by the Russian president in diplomatic tones. In lips of president Putin, for example, during its Munich speech in February, 2007 it sounded absolutely on - to another. And the federal chancellor operated in the same spirit, supporting in dialogue with Medvedev friendly tone. Distinctions in a situation assessment with human rights in Russia Merkel has disguised a streamline diplomatic phrase that is solved to conduct the open and fair exchange of opinions . And as carefully and frostily she behaved, when on a press - conferences the question on the further development of a situation round Michael Khodorkovsky has sounded. On this theme the chancellor earlier made comments on - to another. Neither Merkels, nor Medvedev did not want to break goodwill atmosphere. Both, on - visible, have seen in change of persons in the Kremlin chance to give a new push a little confused and on a number of positions not to absolutely smooth relations between two countries. Therefore this short visit has put very good basis for deepening and improvement germano - the Russian relations the next months.

In speech from which Medvedev has acted in summary before German politicians, businessmen and journalists, he has underlined a generality of joint values and promised to promote development of the Russian lawful state. These purposes have been apprehended in Germany with full approval as also German Minister for Foreign Affairs Frank - Walter Shtajnmajer in the speech in Ekaterinburg has offered several weeks ago such form of the modernised partnership.

This form of partnership is supported especially by business - the elite of Germany interested in expansion of economic contacts to Russia. To German businessmen Medvedev`s keynote speech about deepening of economic cooperation, legal protection of investors and freedom of mass-media was to the taste. For many Medvedev`s words have sounded as the statement of the present liberal European. It is necessary to wish only that words were followed now by affairs. Otherwise the trust to the new Russian president will be lost.

Sergey Maslov

Has prepared