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Since July, 1st the size of the grant on care of the child will be increased by 10 percent

One of these days in the federal budget variety of the amendments directed on indexation of grants, pensions, allocation of additional means for medicines and habitation for veterans will be brought. One of the nearest events - since July, 1st of the grant for families with children will grow for 10,5 percent.

According to the vice-president of Committee of the State Duma under the budget and Galina Karelovoj`s taxes, from the budget is provided to allocate in addition an order of 5,7 billion roubles. However, representatives of the power do not hide that July updating is connected with an actual rate of inflation. So, the lump sum to the young mums who were registered in female consultations in early terms of pregnancy, will grow from 300 roubles to 331,5 roubles. At a birth of the child mother will receive now on 840 roubles more - 8840 roubles. The basic family support service with newborn - the state grant paid before achievement by the child of one and a half years, has grown with last year`s from 1500 roubles to 1657,5 roubles for the first-born and to 3315 roubles (there were 3000 roubles) at a birth of following children. As to working women, the top lath of the grant, which it is adhered to salary size, will make 6630 roubles (now 6000 roubles).

the sums of payments connected with accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases Besides, will change. Since July, 1st the sum from which single insurance payment is estimated will be indexed. It will make 51 800 roubles (there were 50 900 roubles). The maximum size of monthly insurance payment in the first half of the year of this year also will grow - to 39 840 roubles (there were 39 100 roubles).