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In a month Victor Yushchenko can dismiss Radu

Correcting orange the coalition in Ukraine has actually stopped the existence. And without that the shaky union of the Block of Yulia Timoshenko (BJUT) and Our Ukraine - National self-defence (NUNS) two deputies so, forces of parliamentary opposition and a coalition were made even have left.

the Thunder has burst in the beginning of plenary session when in a press box the statement of deputy BJUT of Igor Rybakova for an exit from a coalition began to extend. The disappointment of Rybakova in activity of the government of Yulia Timoshenko became an occasion to such decision. Moreover, he suspects members of the cabinet of corruption.

the Similar statement of the deputy from NUNS Yury Buta spoke that the coalition in its present kind, at obvious domination BJUT, is not the tool of an embodiment of a policy of the head of the state .

Having read both statements and having asked Turncoats nevertheless to come round, the speaker of the Supreme Rada Arseny Jatsenjuk has closed session as now work Are glad lost any meaning, and the tribune and without that has been blocked by deputies from Party of Regions (PR) which did not wish to consider a question on resignation of the head of Fund of State property.

Thus, the coalition totaling till Friday of 227 voices, has lost possibility in coordination to pass laws - for this purpose the minimum majority in 226 is required, and has actually stopped the existence.

the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, being yesterday with working visit to Russia, has declared that the exit of two deputies from a coalition is not a legal ground to speak about its disintegration. The corresponding substantiation was presented there and then also by the Ministry of Justice which have explained that the ruling coalition is formed of fractions, instead of from deputies, and the exit someone from coalition structure does not lead to its destruction . About that the coalition is still live, the leader of fraction BJUT Vyacheslav Kirilenko declared also. It turns out that both forces - both BJUT, and NUNS, show abstract desire to work together and pretend that guess, who exactly stands up for an exit of their deputies.

In the meantime analysts are assured that benefit from the decision of two deputies take all. So, BJUT receives fine possibility to declare plot and to leave in opposition convenient today. The Party of Regions can demand rightfully now creation of a new coalition (for example, wide - with NUNS and Blokom Litvina), and Yushchenko becomes the moderator of all negotiating processes.

While the scheme has developed patovaja, but quite working: the parliament can continue to make decisions the situational majority at de - jure live democratic coalitions. Stop this practice under the law at desire the president can only, declaring re-elections. On formation of the new coalition majority deputies have a month then Yushchenko can dismiss Radu.