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In the centre of the Austrian Salzburg the Russian house

On Monday in the centre of the Austrian Salzburg will open the Russian house will open. Our Russian national team becomes a unique command of group D which fans have received separate residence.

in Salzburg management RFS tells About the Russian house some months. To Vitaly Mutko and its subordinates indeed to eat than be proud - of what similar our contenders and do not dream. Practically in the city centre, in a brand new building of the Salzburg Congress work already boils. Establish office equipment, deliver drinks for cafe and bars, prepare a concert platform. The Russian house will occupy at once three floors of a prestigious building, and organizers work on conscience. In the neighbourhood the smart hotel " has settled down; Sheraton Zaltsburg where any day wait for arrival of well-founded Russians. And the input in the future Russian house is surrounded with huge centenary trees in which shade too it is possible to have a rest remarkably. In a word, a place ideal. As it prepare for arrival of dear visitors, in exclusive conversation to the correspondent Barbara Shvajger has told the co-ordinator of the project from the Austrian party.

: Frau Barbara what to wait to the Russian fans from the Russian house?

Barbara Shvajger: Here there will be everything that is necessary, and not only to fans, but also you, journalists, both sponsors RFS, and most modular. On one of floors there will be a general zone - with buffets and cafe where visitors can be supported. There and TVs so can see football matches. Here we will take away a place for a press - the centre which will be equipped by all necessary technics, free Internet connection. The big hall which contains one and a half thousand persons will be the main thing. The program is already painted - concerts, performance Komedi Klab and a lot of all interesting. Well and, certainly, separately - a zone for sponsors and important visitors, and an input there under invitations.

RG: And in other premises will start up all fans?

Shvajger: Is not present, not all. Only the Russian. For Greeks or Spaniards here do not wait (laughs). On an input it is enough to show the Russian passport - and doors for you are opened. The input, by the way, will be free.

RG: Other national teams do something similar?

Shvajger: Greeks will organise something like a hospitality zone in shopping centre near to stadium. But it first of all becomes for advertising of the Greek travel agencies. At Sweden and Spain is not present even it. So your project unique - to create a place where any Russian can come - to communicate, have a rest, have fun. On - to mine, you have fine thought up it.

RG: Preparation has occupied a lot of time?

Shvajger: Actually preparation of premises and installation of equipment have begun only on Thursday when there have arrived representatives RFS. And before we carried on negotiations, studied and discussed all details. Would like to tell that it is pleasantly surprised, how Russian work. All to whom I contacted, and it is the person ten, perfectly speak on - anglijski. Thus all works carried out very accurately and professionally. Certainly, at Russian the mentality, and it is felt, but I am amazed by diligence.

RG: And our fans in Salzburg are not afraid?

Shvajger: Well you. To Salzburg every year there come thousand Russian tourists. Basically, of course, in the winter. On - to mine, it is remarkable people. And, it seems to me, it at all in character of Russian - deboshirit, huliganit. It not your style. Security measures for the period of Euro, certainly, will be strengthened, but is exact not from - for fear of your fans.

RG: How many visitors from Russia will arrive to Salzburg?

Shvajger: All name different figures. Someone speaks about two thousand, someone - about four. I think, in the city will live approximately one and a half - two thousand visitors from Russia. The matter is that many have chosen Innsbruck, after all there your national team will spend two matches, and here - one.