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Meeting of Spanish national teams and Russia Austrian Konrad Plauts

will judge Yesterday a press - the officer of UEFA has extended the list of arbitrators which will serve the first matches of Euro - 2008 among the journalists accredited on tournament.

It was found out that today starting game in which there will be commands of Switzerland and Czechia, is entrusted to spend to the Italian brigade led by Roberto Rozetti.

it is curious that four years ago, on the first match of the European superiority between Greece and Portugal worked well-known Kolin. The glorified arbitrator on this tournament too is present, but this time in a role of the commentator of one of TV channels.

to Help Rozetti its fellow countrymen - arbitrators on a line of Alessandro Grizelli and Paolo Kalkano will serve game. However, the spare judge has appeared from France - Stefan Lannua.

About Rozetti that it is the doctor - the physiatrist is known, and football at it something like a hobby. Thus the Italian constantly declares that to it the arbitrator to be very valuable: After some games you are ready to carry on hands of thousand people, and thus the same quantity dreams to break off on a part. It gives adrenaline! I like in what I am engaged. I hope, in the European championship to us there will be no claims and matches will pass in fair struggle .

While 12 brigades of the referee are known only. Appointments to other games as informs UEFA, will be declared later.

on June, 7th

Switzerland - Czechia
the Brigade of arbitrators: Roberto Rozetti (main), Alessandro Grizelli, Paolo Kalkano (Italy)

Portugal - Turkey
Herbert Fandel, Karsten Kadah, Folker Vetsel (Germany)

on June, 8th

Austria - Croatia
the Brigade of arbitrators: Peter Vink, Adrian Inia, Hans ten Hoove (Holland)

Germany - Poland
Volume - Henning Evrebe, Gejr - Oge Is well-cared, Jan Peter Randen (Norway)

on June, 9th

Romania - France
Manuel Mehuto Gonsales, Juan Juste Himenes, Hesus Kalvo Guadamuro (Spain)

the Netherlands - Italy
Peter Frejdfeldt, Shtefan Vittberg, Henrik Andren (Sweden)

on June, 10th

Spain - Russia
Konrad Plauts, Egon Berojter, Markus Majr (Austria)

Greece - Sweden
Massimo Buzakka, Mattias Arne, Stefan Kjua (Switzerland)

on June, 11th

Czechia - Portugal
Kiros Vassaras, Dimitris Bozatsidis, Dimitris Saraidaris (Greece)

Switzerland - Turkey
Ljubosh Mihel, Roman Slishko, Martin Balko (Slovakia)

on June, 12th

Croatia - Germany
Frank de Blekere, Peter Hermans, Alex Verstraten (Belgium)

Austria - Poland
Hovard Uebb, Derren Kenn, Michael Mallarki (England)

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