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The management of the Air Forces of the USA retires from - for a negligence

Higher ranks military - air forces of the USA - civil minister Michael Uinn and the chief of a staff of the Air Forces Michael Mousli - have left the posts in connection with the publication of the report on errors in circulation with the nuclear weapon. On Friday the head of the Pentagon Robert Gates has signed their applications on resignation.

In the compelled replacement of a management of the American Air Forces have resulted two serious incidents, connected with the nuclear weapon and means of its delivery. Both cases have received wide publicity in mass media. And it it is no wonder. As it was found out, the US authorities time and again calling into question ability of other countries to provide safety of the nuclear arsenals, have not too succeeded in this respect.

the First incident in the USA has occurred to the nuclear weapon in the end of August of last year. Then on six cruise missiles which were thrown from the north of America on the south for the subsequent recycling, nuclear warheads have been wrongly established. The crew of the plane transporting arms, did not know anything about it. Fortunately, incident has done without consequences.

Later following the results of trial the Pentagon recognised that the negligence became the incident reason. More than fifty military men were punished, five officers have been dismissed from service. However these measures have not helped to prevent other state of emergency.

In March defensive department of the USA has informed that from air base Hill warehouse to Taiwan four electrofuses, designed for actuating of a nuclear detonator of a warhead " have been by mistake sent; Mark - 12 . Them have mixed with storage batteries for helicopters. About happened it was necessary to report on the president George Bush who has disposed to return fuses home.

According to Gates, the occurred incidents have revealed problems in structure of management of the Air Forces. our further policy is absolutely clear. We will provide full physical control over all nuclear arms and henceforth we will address adequately with its components. It is our direct duty, and it is impossible to concern it thoughtlessly - the head of the Pentagon has declared.