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Valery Vyzhutovich: Personnel “ conversion “ in army it is dictated by elementary common sense

Ministry of Defence is going to replace many officer posts in army civil servants and serzhantskim structure. To reach at least two purposes - to reduce the price of the maintenance of army and to fill shortage of officer shots not military personnel.

At once I will tell: planned changes - from those innovations what are dictated not only economic and other material reasons, but also elementary common sense. The army infrastructure almost in all repeats the civil. But from old Soviet period is under command of officers. The chief of hospital, the chief of printing house, the chief of a film studio, the chief of a museum, the chief of a boiler-house, “ washstands the chief and basts the commander “ is all people in epaulets. What for? The doctor - the cardiologist - it and in army the doctor - the cardiologist. Though there are professional illnesses (it are subject raketchiki, submariners, fighter pilots) in which treatment military physicians should be engaged. On - to the field surgeons are irreplaceable also. Military - the medical academy will prepare, as before, such experts. But financiers, economists, meteorologists, other representatives of civilian trades can serve (even better to say - to work) in Armed forces and without having an officer rank.

Certainly, personnel “ conversion “ - business uneasy. When voenvrach, vysluzhivshy the put term, removes epaulets and continues to head a medical medical unit, with it of any problems: he owns a trade. But for the Joint Staff, central administrative boards of the Minister of Defence it is necessary to prepare civil experts, and not year or two, and seriously and thoroughly. Or still a question: On what legislative base the second will be under construction in army of the relation of officers and civil experts if the first live under the charter, and - under the Labour code? However, details all it already. To consider them it is easy.

the Ministry of Defence is going to change and position of warships. The package of corresponding bills is directed to the State Duma. If the idea finds there support, judges and workers of the judicial device too will lose the status of military men. For parting with warships the Minister of Defence have reasons: till now these courts were partially financed from its budget, but to the minister did not submit. Now, as it is told in explanatory notes to bills, activity of warships will be paid from budgetary funds, “ allocated for the maintenance of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation and Judicial department at the Supreme court of the Russian Federation “. And the most important thing: You want to work as the military judge - suspend passage of military service and if has left a judicial post - you can renew the contract with Armed forces.

About the cleared up desire to eliminate dependence of military judges on the army heads of anything I can not tell, besides, that is not inclined this desire to exaggerate. I think, in the initiative of army officials the main role is played by especially economic interest. But in a serious prize here it can appear and a society. The army should not live under separate laws and turn to a reservation where the rights of the ordinary military man differ from the rights of the ordinary citizen. Own, closed judicial system does not add to army institutes of a necessary transparency, deduces them from - under public control.

Attempts to remove from military justice epaulets to subordinate her obshchegrazhdanskomu to the life schedule, it is necessary to notice, become more and more persevering. The representative under human rights in Russia Vladimir Lukin, for example, has suggested to create military police in the country. According to the ombudsman, it is necessary, that... Well, if it is short, to struggle with dedovshchinoj. Besides, such service “ would take on itself operatively - search and investigatory functions, execution patrol - sentry duty, a convoy of arrested persons, protection and examination of military cargoes “. Thus essentially important, Lukin that military police bodies were not in submission at military command considers and were financed under separate article of the budget.

Really, for a long time it is time to look attentively that itself the system of the Russian military justice generated still in Soviet period represents. One of ochevidnostej: the military justice at one time even was involved in a policy. More precisely, it have involved.

In the same position there is also a military court. We will remember two loud judicial verdicts. The first: The military board of the Supreme court has cancelled the verdict of “not guilty“ to a six accused of murder of journalist Dmitry Holodova. And the second: the Moscow City Court has sentenced to Michael Smurova`s 14 years of imprisonment, recognising as its guilty of the organisation of one of the loudest crimes of last time - explosion on the Kotljakovsky cemetery. It is indicative that in both cases sentences of the same court - the Moscow district military man have been reconsidered. The military judge of the high-ranking army officers the State Office of Public Prosecutor has seen in the justification then mutual responsibility. If to conduct process where as the accused representatives of army appear, people in epaulets the mutual responsibility is inevitable can only. The military Themis is a Soviet anachronism. As the judge connected by army regulations serves the law, it well-known.

In conversation on this theme we will remember also alternative civil service. The law has been made in due time so that this service honey did not seem. At first prove that you the true pacifist that your belief do not allow you to take the weapon in hands. And then term of serving of a compulsory military service - almost double in comparison with a usual army appeal - will convince you that the horse-radish of a radish is not more sweet. Soldier`s mothers try to achieve law updating. In - the first, they speak, term of execution of alternative civil service is unfairly long - 42 months (in Germany, for example, it makes 12 months). In - the second, the means allocated for rent of habitation and meal, it is obviously not enough for the young man. In - the third, are not present medical body in which competence there would be a dismissal alternativshchika in a stock if that hard is ill. No, the military men object, the alternative civil service is quite attractive to those who prefers it. But then why so it is not enough interested persons on to serve out of military units?

Knowing a sluggishness of the Russian state machinery in carrying out of essential reforms, someone names planned “ ograzhdanstvlenie “ armies only the declaration on intentions, having emphasised the first word. I would pay more attention to the second. Here intentions are important. They are unprecedented. Throughout long decades the Russian military department with firmness defended from society attempts to affect army usages. Everyones “ idle talks in a system “ were loudly stopped. If intention (than it it was dictated) gets rid of surplus an epaulet is realised, it becomes appreciable step to reform of Armed forces. At least, to refusal from military “ specificity “ there, where it is not present.