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Portuguese national team has confidently won a team of Turkey

Portuguese national team has confidently beaten a national team of Turkey in the second match of the first game day of Euro - 2008.

Throughout all match Luis Felipe Skolari`s wards had appreciable advantage, time and again getting to a bar and a crossbeam of gate of the contender. However till some time   it was not possible to them to amaze gate of a Turkish national team. The success has come to Portugueses on 61 - j to minute when after excellent repassing of Nunu Gomesh has deduced the partner at the command of Pepe   in private with the goalkeeper   Turks Volkanom. Blow of Pepe on the centre of gate has appeared exact.

Soon to increase rupture in the account Nunu Gomesh, however   had excellent possibility; mja after its heading   has got to a crossbeam.

After that the initiative has passed to Turks. However become successful in item attack they could not, and already during added time have passed the second ball. Mejrelesh which have left on replacement has finished mnogohodovku with participation of Krishitana Ronaldu and Zhoao Moutino.

After this victory Portuguese national team has headed group And . We will remind, in the first match of tournament Czech Republic national team has won a team of Switzerland - 1:0.

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