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Russians storm the Bulgarian embassy

Several years ago in Bulgaria were afraid that with introduction of visas to Russians the number having a rest of Russia will sharply be reduced.

However this year the Bulgarian diplomats in Moscow have faced other, opposite problem. And, as it was found out, the road to tourists was passed by owners of the Bulgarian real estate.

the Russian tour operators do not understand, in what business. The existing gain having a rest in 15 - 20 percent was expected, and not only from travel agencies, but also in the Bulgarian consulate. Means, the embassy should cope with the increased quantity of demands for reception of visas, employees of travel agencies reasonably argued. Actually at an input in the Bulgarian consulate a picture absolutely other.

In some days the situation becomes so dramatic that tour operators are ready to storm a diplomatic mission in literal sense. Part of firms have started to send the employees with piles of passports to four o`clock in the morning. And record to get to consulate, is conducted for July, tenth.

In day the Bulgarian consulate serves an order of 50 travel agencies. In total at their embassy it is accredited nearby 130. To them it is necessary to add hundreds more individuals who too want to get in a private order to Bulgaria. As a rule, daily stands out an order of one and a half thousand Bulgarian visas. And all the same the turn does not decrease.

In what the reason also what the Bulgarian diplomats are going to do to correct a situation?

For answers to these questions has addressed to a press - embassy secretary Vere Shatilovoj - Mitsarovoj. As she said, to increase in a stream wishing to have a rest in Bulgaria the consulate in Moscow was ready, and here such quantity of newly made proprietors of the Bulgarian real estate was not expected by anybody. And often they want to receive the visa not only to, but also for 20 - 30 visitors to whom expect to show the new house or apartment quite often with a fine kind to Black sea - explains a press - the attache.

However, speech does not go that in Russia there was unexpectedly a huge number of the millionaires who have solved at once to buy up all real estate at the Bulgarian coast. In Bulgaria now hardly it is possible to name the prices biting . Having sold one-room apartment in the Russian capital, it is quite possible for itself to allow to buy cosy three-room apartments from the sea. And with full furniture.

Thus the Russian tour operators and their clients such explanations of diplomats console a little. Understand it and in the Bulgarian embassy. As has informed Vera Shatilova, from Sofia the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria already has directed to Moscow some consular employees who for the summer period will help with issue of visas. Besides, travel agencies will be served in a separate window.

We are assured that the situation is normalised within the next few days. Till now to any Russian it has not been refused the visa. There will be no it and henceforth, - has added Shatilova. - it would be desirable to address to the Russian travel agencies with the request more actively to use service the electronic visa . On an embassy site it is possible to fill necessary documents . So storm of the Bulgarian embassy, obviously, is cancelled.

Besides it, negotiations are now carried on for connection to service wishing to receive the visa to Bulgaria the companies - the intermediary. Speech, according to Very Shatilovoj, goes about an alternative variant of giving of documents. We will remind that embassies of Great Britain, France or Spain in Moscow already successfully use this scheme. In the Bulgarian diplomatic representative office similar service, truth, will appear not earlier than September of this year.