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Mikes which have been carefully ironed out by Kobi Kunom, have not helped Swisses with the first match of Euro - 2008

At night before the first game of Euro - 2008 at Basel stadium Sankt - Jacob Park light in a master`s locker room long burnt.

Under the stylised music and - lja Frenk Sinatra - the head coach of the Swiss national team - ironed grey-haired Kobi Kun the old iron of a vest to the football players.

Carefully, with a smile, without leaving a uniform fold. Then it has carefully hanged out them at each locker and has left, having dissolved in a phrase: We trust in a victory of your command! Your Switzerland .

local TV has prepared such touching roller for the Euro beginning - 2008. Certainly, it have shown and in a press - the centre, and on the big screen directly before the beginning of a starting duel of tournament in which the command of Kobi Kuna played against Czechs. On a plan of organizers, it should help to achieve positive result in game against one of favourites. Has not helped. Moreover, Swisses have lost the sharpest attacking - Alexander Fr who torn crosswise sheaves of the left knee and has left for the term up to eight weeks.

Misfortunes of Swisses on it have not ended. The goal which was hammered by forward Vaclav Sverkosh who has left on replacement instead of Yana Kollera, looked not so logically, but as a result became victorious.

the Player of club Bannik in mikst - a zone it was shone with happiness:

is a positive miracle! I also did not dream to hammer in the first match on such tournament. It is happy that could bring the national team a victory. Now nobody can tell that I have casually got to a national team. Swisses have proved to be a good command, but we in collars had Peter the Czech - with such goalkeeper we can count on good result. I hope, as to me trainers will give yet one chance to cause a stir.

Then Karelian Brjukner shining with happiness has approached to journalists. The Head coach of a Czech team has declared that has not been assured of success to the most final whistle:

- the Match has stood out very difficult, and, frankly speaking, I have claims on some game components and actions of players. Nevertheless it is very glad that we have managed to hammer in a ball. Labour, not so beautiful, but from it not less valuable! For me and those who supported a national team, the main thing - total result on a board. Now it is possible to take breath and prepare for a match with Portugueses. There it will be a question of the one who becomes the first in our group. Yes - yes, I do not doubt, what exactly we and Portugueses will pass in a quarterfinal.

the Czech colleagues have tried to learn from Brjuknera why that has decided to replace Kollera with Sverkosha. The most elderly trainer in the championship has without batting an eyelid answered:

- I knew that today Vaclav will hammer. Do not ask why, but the confidence such was.

Absolutely Kun was another. It he has told to journalists news about Fr`s serious trauma and has complained about absence of good luck:

- We very not bad played, but from it result any more will not change. I understand that it is necessary for us to play only on a victory. A problem almost impracticable. Though fans saw off us from stadium an ovation. It means only one - we have not the right to lower a hand. I promise that football players will play on result.