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Dinara Safina: I have found a key which opens a way upward

Alas, Dinara Safina did not manage to repeat on Rolan Garros Anastasia Myskina`s triumph of 2004.

It seemed, after phenomenal victories on a way to the ending over star compatriots - Sharapova, Kuznetsovoj, Dementevoj, standing above it in the international female rating, Dinara will be possible to continue a victorious series and to win with a newly made first racket of the world Anoj Ivanovich. But the sports destiny was favourable this time to the Serbian - 6:4, 6:3.

twice the Russian was breaking a game course. In the first set at the account 1:4 in favour of the Serbian Dinara has managed to make two breaks and to even up scores 4:4, but then has missed the initiative and has lost game. In the second set the seventh game was solving. The Russian with huge work, despite annoying errors, could reduce rupture to 3:4, but forces and spirit to break resistance of the competitor at it it has not appeared any more. As a result quite natural victory of the last year`s finalist Rolan Garros Any Ivanovich which have become by the first Serbian tennis-player, won tournament the Grand Slam .

On a press - conferences after the ending, having stopped on the defeat reasons, has told:

- That Dinara who has beaten before Masha, Lena and to Light, on court was not. I simply completely have given all the best in the previous matches, and my forces have run low. Very much it would be desirable to win, at me even tears in the face of navorachivalis. I saw that it was necessary to do on court, but feet simply did not obey. Reached for a ball, but did not reach. From here there was an irritability, nervousness, than and Ana has used. To be it is a little posvezhee...

- and all - taki the ending Rolan Garros is absolutely much. How estimate your way on the Parisian tournament?

- At last - that fruits of my work are visible. I will confess, from the beginning of year I stuck, as afflicted. However, at first it did not affect results that was, of course, insulting. After a victory in Berlin, and especially present ending in tournament the Grand Slam I have understood that those efforts were not vain. So, has found by means of my trainer that key which opens a way upward. Now I know: it is necessary to work much to go further. The desire at me is.

- Worried before a match?

- Certainly, after all such responsibility. If to me who has told before tournament that I can reach the ending, would not believe. However, when has appeared on the court, excitement hardly slept. I will confess: to play the ending not too terribly as it seems. For me it was the big school.

- Marata on the ending did not wait?

- It could not arrive. And in general at us such tradition: if someone one of us was not on matches of another we adhere to it till the end of tournament. I also was not present on its final games.

Yesterday there was last day the Open championship of France. As well as last two years, in the man`s ending there were two best rackets of the world - Swiss Roger Federer and Spaniard Raphael Nadal. This duel has ended with a victory of the Spaniard - 6:1, 6:3, 6:0. Thus, Rafa has successively won the fourth year the Parisian tournament.