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Before visitors of an economic forum in St.-Petersburg group Pink Floyd

has acted as Part of the program of XII Sankt - the Petersburg economic forum there was Roger Waters`s concert - a bass - the guitarist and the vocalist of legendary group Pink Floyd - on Palace Square under Hermitage walls.

Considering not quite successful experience of last year when within the limits of a forum the concert of Robina Gibba from group Be Gees, Scorpions and actors of the Maryinsky Theater passed free of charge, present show has been arranged by a great number of conditions. free riders listened and looked from afar. Well and for those who wanted and it could appear more close to a scene, the hall with convenient armchairs - so-called vip - an orchestra has been built. A place with an armchair costed from three roubles to 15 thousand.

On a concert have come about 50 thousand townspeople and visitors of a forum. Palace Square could not contain all wishing to behold colourful show which was brought by Roger Waters. The concert beginning However, has been slightly saddened by a trick of local youth from among antiglobalists who tried to start in the sky a header by balloons Stop forum. Stop globalism. The action has broken for technical reasons : spheres have got confused in wires, young men have disappeared in crowd. To pursue them gathered nobody.

Air the concert theme was supported also by the Roger Waters who has started in the sky an inflatable pig which is a symbol of its group.

the Part of spectators vip - an orchestra did not begin to wait concert end. Them, under the informal program of a forum, the solemn supper expected. Well and private soldiers free riders despite nakrapyvajushchy a rain, could take pleasure in music and special effects wholly.