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German football fans became a headache of the Austrian police

This meeting has come to the end late at night Moscow time. Its account look on the front page. And here that occurred in Klagenfurt the day before.

the First Austrian game day has passed not absolutely how organizers of the European championship assumed. The match between German national teams and Poland in Klagenfurt has initially been carried to a category the raised risk . As it has appeared, knowingly.

the stadium long before the match beginning had a sensation that all Poles have gathered in a city. It is red - white people have captivated all space, fairly confusing Germans absolutely lost in this slavic weight. Poles behaved easy enough, but having caught sight on horizon of admirers bundestim, considered as the indispensable debt to sing it Dojchland, aufviderzeen! that is Germany, good-bye!

Germans preferred not to react to this small hooliganism as they anyway were in obvious minority. As it was found out, to fight fans were in time still the day before. Basically anything there the terrible has not occurred, - Pole Mariush who has become by the witness of the happened has told to the correspondent. - we walked on the centre, drank beer. Germans too had a rest, celebrated the championship beginning. Then someone something insulting has shouted, I at all did not hear that. Well also have begun glasses from - under beer to rush. Even to fight plainly were not in time. In - the first, the police has run at once. Well and the rain has gone the strong. It would not be desirable to become wet at all, and especially for a lattice for what to get. We have run up, and at Germans someone, on - to mine, the police " has taken away;. Mariush was not mistaken. Saturday evening the Austrian police has detained seven German fans.

As a result and without that unprecedented security measures for Klagenfurt have strengthened even more. To protect an order have sent 2500 policemen. For the Moscow militia such figures - norm. For Europe - outstanding event. The abundance of policemen, fortunately, has helped, and before game fans of both commands have spent time quite peacefully, periodically suffering only from a rain.

And here to journalists the strengthened security measures delivered weight of inconveniences. Examination at an input on territory to reporters have arranged such, what even some airports can envy. Things and outer clothing passed on a tape through a X-ray, journalists carefully searched and banished through metallodetektory. All things forbidden to a pronose sent in a left-luggage office. To that have carried, for example, umbrellas. Idiocy of a situation added that the left-luggage office is in stadium territory, and, having approached to it on the other hand after an hour, I have easy taken away back an umbrella, have put in a bag and with feeling of the executed debt have left in a press - the centre. Fans as a result have decided to compete not in the one who beats more painfully, and in ability to sing more loudly. By the time of an exit of commands in the field noise on to Arena Hipo already stood such that was not audible own voice. Poles who have filled more half of places at stadium of contenders, of course, outvoiced easily, but also Germans have returned the favour. They welcomed a command yellow, red, black tags of which behind collars there was a huge flag of Germany. The Polish fans with envy have whistled, having muffled all around.

Behind domination of Poles on tribunes easy looked from the VIP - boxes legendary Frants Bekenbauer. The greatest in the past the German football player looked in the field with a smile. Say, you to yourselves rustle, and Germany becomes the champion all the same. But he already at the very beginning of a match has clutched at the head from disappointment - Gomes has missed the cleanest scoring chance. Kaiser Frants still for a long time explained to the neighbours in a box as it is necessary to use such moments. Probably, and football players have understood that is more useless to be dishonoured in the face of the great predecessor, and have gone to Poles a goal after a smart combination of Kloze and Podolski. Last though by origin and the Pole, did not begin to spare fellow countrymen, having amazed empty gate. Bekenbauer has begun to smile - for contenders a goal performed by Podolski obiden doubly. It seems that Lukashu the next years is better not to appear on the historical native land.