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The head of Venezuela will divide with the king of Spain copyrights

Promise to provide Spain vital it oil on hundred years forward has finished the visit to this country the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.

And visit to Madrid rather tensely began. All Spanish press waited, what words will exchange at a meeting the head of Venezuela and the king of Spain Juan Carlos. Here perfectly remembered the conflict in November of last year when the Spanish monarch at a meeting of heads of the Latin American states in Santiago has not restrained and has publicly suggested Chavez to keep the mouth shut .

Said then the king a phrase: Why to you not to become silent - has flown about the first pages of all Spanish-speaking newspapers. It have there and then started to reproduce on souvenirs, vests and badges with Chavez`s portraits, even have included in the text of some popular songs. As a result the Venezuelan president has largely taken offence at a public beating and within eight months refused to talk to the Spanish heads.

Juan Carlos waited for Chavez at steps of summer residence on island Malorka. Chavez welcomed the Spanish monarch indifferently - a wide smile and pohlopyvaniem on a back. The king has told to the visitor: to see glad you . And Chavez, having paid attention to heat standing in this day, almost an ear has answered the monarch: Why to us not to bathe... journalists have stood in expectation of a reciprocal remark of the Spanish king.

However Juan Carlos was ready to similar hints and has presented to the head of Venezuela a vest with a large inscription: Why to you not to become silent .

Chavez, however, has not become puzzled and has noticed that will by all means put on this vest, but only after they with Juan Carlos will divide copyrights on become well-known the phrase.