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Yushchenko`s plans to jam patriarch Alex have failed

On Sunday   on the well-known Vladimir hill near a monument Sacred krestitelju representatives of orthodox churches served Russia in Kiev a celebratory liturgy on the occasion of celebrating 1020 - letija Christenings of the Kiev Russia. The most holy Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alex II, arhipastyr the majority Ukrainian orthodox, arrived to the country for a holiday, has met rather original stroke of policy. There was such impression that it are glad otteret from holiday heart.

But it in Moscow seemed that the situation with an interdiction to place posters with a portrait of the Most holy Patriarch Alex looks dramaticheski. In Kiev it is all has got comic effect. On stylistics and an aesthetics the advertising campaign inevitably reminded aspiration of the room thief of Miloslavsky Gajdaja from a known comedy to present a house manager as the terrible tsar. 183 photos of Constantinople patriarch Varfolomey I have counted on road from the airport Borispol to Kiev. And it without taking into account the back of billboards. At a great speed it was possible to look a cartoon film from one shot. Kvadratno - the nested way, each 50 metres on each column - hardly the patriarch Constantinople has been adjusted on total rivalry with the girls advertising cigarettes Vinston . Strangely enough, this domination of posters gave out uncertainty in legitimacy of plans of the Ukrainian authorities.

Some times declaring the intention to create in Ukraine uniform pomestnuju church president Victor Yushchenko did not hide the calculations: 1020 - letija Christenings of Russia and arrival of Constantinople patriarch Varfolomey should stimulate celebrating to process. Ears of journalists has reached leak That at a February meeting with the Patriarch where ideas and sense of a holiday, on words of the Most holy that our fraternal people tsivilizatsionno has occurred from one kreshchenskoj fonts were discussed, whether he has answered with rather secular metaphor supposedly a little who with whom studied at one school, not all life to remember schoolmates...

And the president of Ukraine has made everything, that churches as the former schoolmates, to replace for different school desks. That similar association and separation trample on canons and the nature of Orthodox church, probably, pleased more likely, than confused the Ukrainian president. But not all were ready to confuse sacraments of church to mystical passages and - lja Harry Potter. From the very beginning representatives of orthodox churches doubted that celebrations on celebrating of a meeting 1020 - letija Christenings of Russia become a prologue to creation pomestnoj to church under Victor Yushchenko`s scenario.

At walls of Kievo - the Pechersky monastery of Patriarch Alex was expected by set of people. Many thus held unexpected posters, not to it turned. Varfolomey, we thought that you orthodox, and you the dissenter! the electrified young man of years 35 nearby ran and nervously spoke to the friend by a mobile phone: I go here to look at the Moscow priests who have arrived on the funeral but it is close to believers not has approached. There and then a number of its so Ukrainian kind the coeval confidently vypeval: Church Russian, flaunt and exult... .

- When the Most holy Patriarch Alex II came to us in 1992, the Ukrainian nationalists met its shouts Get from here, the Moscow priests! today, thank God, such is not present, - father Vsevolod, the prior Piously - the Olginsky temple in the city of Kiev tells. Today all on the contrary. All road from a Kreschatik to the Vladimir hill has been filled by the people applauding and scanning: Alex - our Patriarch . All attempts to restrain the Most holy Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia in protokolno - reveransnyh relations of the secular power broke about this persevering skandirovanie. Among those who has come on the Vladimir hill on the Liturgy, met and malonapominajushchaja orthodox ljud by the form public in shorts and flags.

One of inhabitants of Kiev on Saturday evening in Monastery has asked a photo of the Patriarch for journalists: And I this afternoon was near a monument of princess Olga, at a meeting of patriarch Varfolomey. I should go there. On work papers forced to sign us that we will necessarily go on a meeting. I work as the nurse in polyclinic and I know, what not from one our ambulance station the people under the signature collected on a greeting of patriarch Varfolomey, - the woman of years of forty admits. - I have a little stood and have run away, and here here have come. My Patriarch - that here .

That who resists openly, it is necessary difficultly. The doctor - reanimatologa Valentine Lukjanina, as she said, some times discharged from office for fidelity of the Ukrainian church of the Moscow Patriarchy.

Antonina and Lyudmila, parishioners of a rural temple of Great martyr Paraskeva from village Listovitsy, together with the priest father Iliej ( very good father, and a temple at us a heavenly spot ) Too have arrived on a meeting of Patriarch Alex.

- Same belief of our grandfathers - great-grandfathers, even it is terrible to think of change, - the former milkmaids speak. - you know, we in village go on houses and we explain: do not read the burial service native in dissenting church, do not get married. Their wedding and burial service means nothing, they samosvjaty, over them are not present apostolic blessing.

But that clearly simple believer, is closed from the president regularly collecting in the Sofia cathedral strange general prayers - with heads of two dissenting branches from Orthodoxy, Catholics, Jews, Moslems and pair sectarians in end. It is necessary to possess extreme religious lack of taste or to think itself the state priest, not to understand senselessness, initial inadmissibility of such tolerant prayers.

- the Farce all it, - is told by the Kiev parishioner Maria about religious opuses of the president. And attempts additional political vozvelichivanija the Constantinople patriarch at the expense of ostentatious legal nebrezhenija the secular power to the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.

Many are confused with a title the Universal Patriarch . Alex, say, only Moscow, - explains it. - so after all this title only a history tribute.

it is valid, a title the Universal Patriarch remained with the Constantinople patriarch since the Byzantian empire, that border the Universe which does not exist today any more, coincided with borders of that empire. Patriarch Varfolomey, under comments of modern church historians, lives today in Turkey under oppression of ideological appeals of Turkish nationalists to move it from the country. The flock in the world is disseminated and not numerous enough - about three millions persons. The Ukrainian orthodox church accepted under jurisdiction of Constantinople patriarchy, - extremely tidbit, but the decision of questions of church history in style political komiksa, probably, otshatnuli patriarch Varfolomey. Patriarch Alex II has thanked patriarch Varfolomey for adherence to initial foundations. During the well-known meeting on the Sofia area he without pathos has responded on an appeal of president Yushchenko and has reminded it that he feels on a visit, first of all at the Moscow Patriarch as it is its initial territory. The meeting not having planned success on the Sofia area was besides is strongly muffled magnificent fate - a concert arranged with the International fund Day of unity of the orthodox people . On it sang Yury Shevchyuk, well-known Brothers of Karamazovy group With. To. And. J . Diakon Andrey Kuraev, in the first to o`clock in the morning a leaving concert, laughed: Long tesnimyj from the Maidan, it has passed in such place where acoustics disturbed to action of president Yushchenko even more. Also has been accepted on hurrah. It was very difficult to take interview from father Andrey, continually young men approached to it and spoke about love and fidelity of uniform Russian church.

direct speech

From the Word of the Most holy Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alex II after the Divine liturgy on the Vladimir hill in Kiev on July, 27th, 2008:

-... We well know and we remember that Orthodoxy sources in Russia had the sacred Constantinople church which pastors christened inhabitants of Kiev in dneprovskoj fonts. We with gratitude remember the patriarch of Constantinople Dionisija who on behalf of Church - mothers has blest reunion in a XVII century far already from us there is no time uniform, but then after historical circumstances of the divided Russian church.

It is necessary to value this history for, having called in question that was considered as all indisputable throughout centuries, we endanger our general future...

... The unity of Russian Orthodoxy cannot interfere with high-grade life of the sovereign states which are successors of the Kiev Russia. Our church yours faithfully concerns their sovereignty and is interested in strengthening and prosperity of their people. It is opened to the closest interaction on the basis of Evangelical values with the authorities of those countries in which its flock stays.

Yury Shevchyuk , fate - the musician:

- it is difficult To me to speak about what was our concert, to brag is is more useless, badly. And while there was a concert, I did not think of success. But now I can tell that the holiday has taken place for all hundred percent. And the spirit soared over the area, and the people were kind, peace, happy, understanding. Remarkable words metropolitan Cyril has told, with people father Andrey Kuraev very well spoke. There were words, there was a music, there was a spirit of love and a brotherhood. President Yushchenko has ordered three trains of the people from the Western Ukraine in support of itself, but all these people have come to us on a concert. Thanks that has paid expenses of our admirers. The good has won, the national feeling of a brotherhood and love is very deep in us is put and it is clear all. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus is all Really sacred Russia. It is not necessary quarrels, it is necessary to live on - kind, widely, freely and powerfully. We at a concert tried to reach this idea.