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In Budapest the penalty for wrong parking can send to the driver and in five years

the Receipt on payment of the penalty for a wrong parking in the Hungarian capital as practice shows, can come to the owner of the car even after years after infringement. Moreover with percent. So the local system of penalties operates without a limitation period.

last years the situation with a parking in the centre of Budapest became a bit easier. Thanks to large underground parkings in area Basils of Sacred Ishtvana and on the Area of Freedom at TV building to find a place for an iron horse it became much easier. Besides the numerous office buildings which are under construction now in a city, are without fail equipped with an underground parking that too facilitates life and to businessmen, and inhabitants of neighbouring houses.

do not lag behind from business - the centres and large trading - the entertaining centres. However, for visitors of these institutions, unlike office centres, a parking, as a rule, the paid. Cost of hour of a parking here - about dollar. There are exceptions. For example, in some complexes for zavlechenija first three hours of a parking do clients free. Absolutely free parkings at those shopping centres which usually are behind city boundaries. There it is possible to park, without glancing thus on hours.

Depending on a disctrict of the city the payment for hour of idle time of a car fluctuates from dollar to one and a half dollars, naturally, in local forints. In a case if you have exceeded the paid limit of time, parkovshchik, constantly checking presence of coupons about parking payment, will not wait your returning and at once will necessarily write out the penalty. Its size too varies depending on time of its payment.

If you will have time to pay the penalty on mail this very day it will cost where - that ten dollars. If within a week it will be already necessary to lay out 20 green . It is necessary to mean that if you for any reasons have forgotten to pay the penalty of its existence can remind after months and even years. Where - that, in any computer this information collects and can emerge at the most inappropriate moment.

In underground parkings system a bit different. You call in on parking, certainly, in the presence of empty seats, a beret in the automatic machine talonchik on which time of arrival and cost of hour of a parking is specified. There it is necessary to pay at departure taking into account time spent in a parking. Otherwise you will be not not let out simply by automatic barriers. Usually underground parkings are as much as possible automated (circle of the chamber of video observation, payment automatic machines), and the meeting with parkovshchikom occurs only in case of emergency.