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Nju - jorkskie parkings became a scourge for townsmen

to Nju - Jorksky parkings have involuntarily turned to one of local sights for tourists and became the present scourge for townsmen.

All city parkings share on two big categories - free and accordingly paid. To leave the car in the street New York simply so is a madness. To be assured that after returning to the car the owner of the car will not find under the yard keeper an envelope of orange colour with the receipt on penalty payment - tiket it is necessary to study attentively all signs and preventions on lampposts standing nearby.

For example, in one cases the parking is forbidden on Mondays and environments from ten till twelve mornings, in others - on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from eight till ten mornings. To find a free empty seat for the car - a problem uneasy. And if searches have not crowned success, it is possible to pay attention to paid places. In streets near to proezzhej a part are placed so-called mitery devices on reception of payment for a parking for a certain time - as a rule, till two o`clock, are more rare - to six. But here in an hour of parking it is necessary to pay on the average one dollar. And any responsibility for your car nobody bears. Besides traffic signs on columns can resolve a parking not to all cars, but only, for example, the commercial.

the Most important thing - not to be late with parking payment. Even minute unpaid amount of a parking of the car on Manhattan can lead tiketu that is to that orange envelope with the receipt for 65 dollars. It, by the way, to favourably city treasury - the additional income in the city budget.

Road policemen in New York practically never discuss anything with the driver, thereby ostensibly showing the impartiality. The correspondent in New York had to witness one not so pleasant history in purely human sense. The policeman has written out tiket to the driver while it took away from hospital the aged mother on an invalid carriage. According to the policeman, the son should park metres through 500 on the next avenue: there supposedly there were two empty seats. In general, if the driver actively protests against actions of the policeman last can regard it disrespect or even an insult of the representative of the power.

the Most rough infringement is a parking of the car around five metres from a fire hydrant. For it the considerable penalty in 115 dollars is raised. It is not necessary to leave a car near to invalid congress from sidewalk. Here the penalty more abruptly - 175 dollars.

the Unique possible variant To beat off tiket - to address in court. In New York hundred affairs about unfairly received tikete every day obey.

And all - taki the most widespread way of a parking are the paid city parking, which quantity to the account does not give in. Them in New York some thousand are typed. the sir, good afternoon! At once it is visible that you the good person, I will necessarily tell about you to the father! - here dialogue sometimes begins with such words with parkovshchikom on paid parking of cars. However it is not necessary to trust in your exclusiveness, similar phrases with a view of to earn tip parkovshchiki are ready to speak to any person. Cost of services on such kind parkings frankly unfairly overestimated: for two hours 20 - 45 dollars. And value parkings depends on its arrangement - the is more subcentral cities, the more expensively.

Where and how to put the car - care parkovshchika, instead of the owner. Employees of paid parkings do not bear responsibility for damages of a bumper, lateral mirrors of the car, they answer only for loss or essential damage of the car, for example, in case of a fire. It is curious that responsibility of the company, is in whose property a parking, is limited in financial sense not such by a great sum - 25 thousand US dollars.

Besides payment of directly parking, in New York it is accepted to give tip at a rate of one - two dollars parkovshchiku. On my eyes repeatedly arose not that that conflict situations, but rather unpleasant conversations between parkovshchikami and owners of a car. It is important to know that parkovshchik only servants, and a question on tip each driver solves for itself. However, in sledujushy time most likely it is necessary to park in other place, after all to revenge basic to the driver can so basic parkovshchik or someone from its colleagues.


the Considerable part of inhabitants of the big New York prefers and not to go at all in the central part of a city by the car in the working days. To pay for a car parking at the nearest railway station the ridiculous sum to local measures from three to five dollars much more economically and to use a high-speed comfortable electric train, and already in the centre to move by means of the underground or the bus.