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The Bulgarian drivers have invented a way of struggle against paid parkings

the Problem with a parking for a long time already makes the life miserable of drivers in the Bulgarian capital. At the height of the working day to find a free place for the car in city centre it is almost impossible.

And here to the aid of automobile owners municipal paid parkings come. They exist practically in all central streets of Sofia where to park at a border it is possible only for money. Cost of this service is insignificant. Hour of parking will manage only in 50 eurocents. However, to be on it it is possible no more than two hours.

to Pay parking it is possible in three ways: directly parkovshchiku to fill earlier got coupon on parking or to send SMS on special number. The method of payment does not influence cost of service in any way. However, responsibility for yours the iron friend employees of a parking do not bear. Cases of swindle among serving municipal parking it is not marked, as their activity is constantly supervised by employees of the mayoralty.

That who refuses to pay, on a car wheel it is hung up special blokirator which serving parkings will remove for five euros. The same who will not appear at the car long time, despite the prevention in a kind blokiratora, the wrecker which will take away the car on shtrafstojanku waits. To get out it therefrom it will be already possible for 15 euros. The wrecker which in Sofia coldly name a spider can take away from streets any incorrectly parked car. And then driver, besides a payment for evacuation, the penalty and deprivation of several penal points waits. And it is not excluded that on car boards there will be superfluous scratches. And any more once wreckers dropped on asphalt evacuated cars. After that drivers had to pass a heap of instances for reception of indemnifications.

All large trading - entertainment complexes in Sofia have the underground and elevated parkings.

Besides, in Sofia any person or firm can rent at a city an asphalt piece before the office, having acquired the right to park only the cars. All the others will be mercilessly evacuated. Cost of this service is great - to 250 euros a month for one place.

By the way

the Bulgarian drivers have invented a way of struggle against paid parkings. They buy similar on municipal blokiratory which hang up on wheels of the cars. Employees of parkings think that the driver is already punished, therefore leave the car alone. And the resourceful driver, having returned, removes blokirator and easy leaves. Antidotes to this phenomenon it is not found yet.