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The known boxer hardly has not killed the inhabitant of Vladivostok

Under the officially not confirmed data, business was approximately so: the double champion of Europe was in strong degree of alcoholic intoxication, when   in a bar between it and 22 - the summer inhabitant of Vladivostok Oleg M fastened quarrel. During the conflict   primorets has snatched out a traumatic pistol the Wasp but   the boxer has tried to disarm him.   in struggle there was an involuntary shot in air.   it has allowed Romanchuku to take hold of a pistol,   then it   has shot to the young man at a head. The rubber bullet through an eye has got into a brain. After that Romanchuk has tried to run away, however has been stopped and detained by the employee of traffic police who was on a post.

At present doctors of city clinical hospital have operated the victim, but it   is in a grave condition. The investigatory committee is engaged in investigation of this business. The incident most part is written down on militian tracking cameras, and it considerably facilitates a consequence. And though the name of the boxer appears on sites of regional news agencies, seaside law enforcement bodies do not say his name and name an event incident between the Muscovite and the local resident .