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Collapse of actions a Mechel the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has led to a fever at the Russian stock exchanges

last day the week auctions in the Russian stock market has fallen almost to 6 percent, below 1500 points. RTS index has fallen down 5 percent - below a psychological mark in 2000 points. Analysts have already nicknamed on July, 25th black Friday .

However as the head of Federal Agency of the financial markets Vladimir Milovidov has explained, always there will be the investors, ready to take shares on decrease and by that to support the market. Besides, as practice shows, during a January collapse of stock quotes those who was not afraid to buy, a month later have won.

the Reasons of the next fever at the Russian stock exchanges as analysts explain, became the next falling of world indexes, considerable reduction of prices on oil and a collapse of actions is mountain - the metallurgical company a Mechel . On foreign platforms of its paper have lost about 37 percent, and on Friday already on the Russian RTS - 34 percent.

However, market falling did not become for analysts unexpectedness - he could be foreseen. Becoming cheaper oil and unexpected decrease in indicators of the Russian economy in June sooner or later should be reflected in market indexes. A negative background for the Russian market of a steel and falling actions of the financial companies of America and Asia. And on Thursday to it the situation with " was added; a Mechel which has played a role of last drop. We will remind that at meeting in Nizhni Novgorod the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin sharply criticised the company that she sold coked coal abroad at the price twice below market, and has charged FAS to understand it.

On Friday zamglavy minekonomrazvitija Andrey Klepach so has commented on a situation around a Mechel : This company - one of the major players in the metallurgical market. Also has put here not in scandal, and in a central fork of all development of branch . As he said, the meeting in Nizhni Novgorod will lead to very serious decisions.