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The Russian national team will struggle for the second place on the Olympic games in Beijing

Executive committee of the Olympic committee of Russia (OKR) has confirmed definitive structure of our national team going on Games - 2008 to Beijing. As a part of the Russian delegation of 847 persons are sportsmen, trainers and technical workers.

Sportsmen - 467 persons from whom 42 go to Beijing as spare. The right to participate in the Olympic Games - 2008 have deserved 242 men and 225 women. Russians will act in 244 disciplines on 39 sports. Middle age of our sportsmen - 26 years. They represent 59 subjects of the Russian Federation. The greatest quantity of Olympians is delegated by Moscow (121 persons) and Moscow Region (69).

our sportsmen will act in 39 kinds of the program and will accept participations in draw 244 - h complete sets of medals from 302. That is, approximately 20 percent of awards remain out of sphere of our influence. We will consider that it is our reserve on the future - the assistant to president OKR Vladimir Vasin has told.

If to speak about those kinds where Russia is presented proceeding from results of the past chetyrehletija and to estimations of experts, for a gain of the first obshchekomandnogo it is necessary to win places 35 - 40 gold medals, and only 110 - 115. Our national team by total quantity of medals will struggle for the second place. For this purpose it is important to us not to lose a medal in internal struggle to the main competitors - the USA and to China. Much in this sense will depend on, whether we will manage to impose struggle to Americans in two most medaleemkih sports where 81 complete set of awards - track and field athletics and swimming " will be played; - he has told.

Vasin also has noticed that if Americans win two kinds, Chineses are strong in five we, for example, on last games won 11 kinds. an equal command we are strong - it summarised.