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Iran remains in SHOS only in the status of the observer

It there was that rare occurence when organizers of a meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the states entering into the Shanghai organisation of cooperation, have given miss.

It seemed, on passing in country president residence of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmona negotiations has been provided all - from tea for the press to a gift on birthday to the secretary general of SHOS Bolatu Nurgalievu. Heads of foreign policy departments have transferred it the magnificent dressing gown embroidered in gold, paternal session has instantly got tangible east colour. But with one owners of a ministerial meeting could not master - weather has given a surprise to heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However, about the planned and not planned political and natural unexpectedness which waited for journalists in Tajikistan, later. Though it was from the very beginning clear: Negotiations of heads of foreign policy departments to which should confirm the agenda for summit SHOS planned for August, 28th, will not manage at least without local disagreements.

On the majority of documents of the general character participants of ministerial session always took of a uniform position. Initiatives in the field of fight against terrorism, counteraction to the narcotraffic from Afghanistan and efforts on creation within the limits of the organisation mnogoformatnoj systems of joint reaction traditionally were among the questions which are not demanding at the coordination serious diplomatic efforts. However session of heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, passing in narrow structure, in a format one plus one instead of the planned 30 minutes proceeded more than hour. Such infringement of initial regulations from journalists has not surprised anybody: After all about that becomes a key and most disputable theme at discussion of the agenda of a forthcoming meeting of presidents SHOS in Tajikistan, it was known in advance.

C   the beginning it was clear: negotiations of heads of foreign policy departments to which should confirm the agenda for summit SHOS planned for August, 28th, will not manage at least without local disagreements

the Apple contention, as well as experts assumed, there was a possible expansion of the Shanghai organisation. Whether it is necessary after that to be surprised that as a place for carrying out total a press - conferences owners of a ministerial meeting have chosen a lawn which is located in immediate proximity from broken into territories of presidential residence small jablonevogo a garden.

In March the president of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon with one-day visit has visited Teheran. Its trip partly became a tribute of gratitude to Iranians for the help which those have rendered to republic in the winter, having given to Tajikistan fuel. Then making comments on results of negotiations, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iran has informed that Rahmon promised to support the introduction of Teheran into the Shanghai organisation.

But idea of transfer of Iran from the category of observers in number of constant members SHOS divide not all. And business not only in the relation to Iran, whose nuclear file is discussed in the UN Security Council. Though presence such political luggage Certainly, disturbs members SHOS.

the Problem consists also that the Shanghai organisation of cooperation as a matter of fact has not developed till now the uniform approach to, where and as it to develop further. In charter SHOS it is written down that it is the open structure, ready to accept the countries dividing it of a problem and the purpose. However founding fathers of the organisation have forgotten To register details and criteria of such reception. And to define, what exactly it is necessary to consider as region SHOS.

As a result creation of a working commission of experts to which should develop the mechanism of expansion of this international structure becomes one of items on the agenda of the forthcoming summit of the Shanghai organisation. However it is already obvious that will co-ordinate the new plan uneasy - a rule a consensus at voting can tighten this work for a long time. Basically - and in it participants of a ministerial meeting were uniform - SHOS would like to extend. But here rates and conditions of this process have not been defined till now anywhere.

While heads of foreign policy departments have reached in Tajikistan the compromise corresponding to a situation. So, for the countries, wishing to approach with SHOS, the status of the partner not existing in the organisation on dialogue will be created new, before. He will allow such states to be connected to their interesting projects. But as the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has joked about it: If want to approach and how to marry?

On a press - conferences, answering a question on destiny of the Iranian demand for the introduction in SHOS, Laurels has declared that at the negotiations which have come to the end in Tajikistan organisation expansion was not considered at all. But there was a speech about closer involving of the countries - observers to daily work. In particular, it is supposed to invite their representatives to meetings of heads of the external economic block, transport and public health services.

And it is literally on these words of Lavrova there was organizers of a ministerial meeting in any way could not expect what. Suddenly over a lawn where took place a press - conference, the sky has turned black and the drizzle has gone. For droughty Tajikistan the phenomenon, frankly speaking, the infrequent. one fine day Teheran becomes constant member SHOS - someone has angrily joked. But the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan, on the contrary, has darted a happy glance at the sky: for its country a rain in the summer - unexpected good luck.

Has passed all some minutes, and the sky became again pure. And ministers have continued to list documents and initiatives which will be taken out on the organisation summit in August. It seemed, they radiate confidence that after such good sign for the Central Asia as a summer rain, the meeting of presidents of the countries SHOS necessarily will appear successful literally.

the Epilogue

This meeting which has taken place at the correspondent in Singapore, drops out of the habitual description of events at regional forum ASEAN.

Before flying away from Singapore Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov has held a meeting with the representative of Russian Orthodox Church in Singapore the bishop Ussuriisk Sergiem. About the representative of the Russian clergy was going to discuss what questions with the head of foreign policy department and than orthodox mission in Singapore is engaged, bishop Sergy has told in interview.

: As you have got to Singapore?

Bishop Sergy: the decision of the Sacred synod on establishment of representation of Russian Orthodox Church in this country on October, 12th, 2007 was accepted. It was preceded by the letter of inhabitants of Singapore professing Orthodoxy addressed to the Patriarch with the request for creation of such mission. It is a lot of or few believers in Singapore, it is possible to judge at least to that to us for Easter 200 persons have come nearby. Now we pass process of the state registration of a community. But business goes slowly. Therefore we wanted, that the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia has talked about us to local authorities. Also has told it that the orthodox church does not represent threat for the Singapore state.

RG: How many the person enters into mission?

Bishop Sergy: Two nuns, the bishop and the priest. Nuns are engaged in an economy of that house which we while rent. And also sponsor the Russian people passing treatment in clinics of Singapore. Among them it is a lot of those who comes here with oncological diseases. They need participation, a kind word, empathy. Some of our compatriots who have got to a difficult reality situation, temporarily live in mission. By the way, we have even a samovar round which we, orthodox people, gather in the evenings.