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The head of the multinational corporation - VR Robert Dadli leaves Russia before the termination of visa term

Head Russian - the British oil company of the multinational corporation - VR Robert Dadli has preferred to leave beforehand Russia, without waiting the terminations of term of a transit visa. According to some information, it has expired yesterday, on another - comes to an end tomorrow.

Before a long journey g - n Dudley has declared that it departure is the extremely destabilising factor for work of a group of companies of the multinational corporation - BP as a whole . Official reaction of the Russian shareholders to this event while is not present. Management on communications and multinational corporation public relations - VR was limited only to the message on Robert Dadli`s intention temporarily to supervise over work of the company from - for a boundary.

In a press - multinational corporation service - VR to the correspondent have told that the company continues to carry out the activity in a normal mode . Also have confirmed that g - n Dudley has not combined from itself duties of the general manager of the director and the chairman of the board. so no changes in our work are present - have put end in a press - service.

clears up a position of the Russian side the statement of not named high-ranking source in the government of Russia, made to RIA agency " More accurately; News on Friday. the decision of the head of the multinational corporation - VR Robert Dadli about departure from Russia, - was explained by it, - became one of joint actions of shareholders of the company and is step to conflict settlement . According to a source, rapprochement of positions of shareholders of the company has begun.

we Will remind that the Federal migratory service has requested its labour contract for registration of Dudley of a working visa. The Russian shareholders of the multinational corporation - VR have declared that this contract has ceased to operate since January, 1st, 2008. Dudley considers its operating. And on Wednesday Arbitration court of the Tyumen region under the claim of the minority shareholder of the company - Joint-Stock Company Tetlis has nullified the agreement on rendering of services by the attached experts British VR. Minoritarii have considered that expenses on the maintenance of foreign experts were too high that infringed upon interests of shareholders.

Besides, some time ago in a press have extended the statement of consortium AAR owning the oil company of the multinational corporation - VR on a parity basis with British VR. In it it was said that Robert Dadli operates the company in interests only one shareholder, namely VR .

Passions round departure of Dudley from Russia do not cease. The former secretary general of the NATO lord George Robertson who is the vice-president of board of directors of the multinational corporation - VR, has declared in Washington that he is revolted by a situation round the visa to Robert Dadli. However has noticed that, under its data, in this dispute The highest levels of the government of Russia " are not involved;. A certain role in developed round the multinational corporation - VR situations, in its opinion, could play the certain bureaucratic forces which are under the influence of the Russian shareholders of the company.

It is necessary to tell that the English party not for the first time accuses the Russian shareholders of use of a resource of the state in the corporate conflict. On what the high-ranking source of RIA News in the government has declared what to speak about any intervention of the state it is impossible. It cannot influence neither shareholders, nor on the Tyumen or any other court, - the interlocutor of RIA " has explained; News . - the Russian shareholders, undoubtedly, have certain resources. But the state position in this conflict was and remains invariable - we do not interfere .