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In Russia the number of trading networks

past Friday the first persons of the Russian government will increase have gathered in Krasnodar to discuss problems of interaction of agricultural manufacturers and trading networks.

the Question of creation of trading networks is today under especially steadfast attention of the cabinet. About importance of this problem tells also structure of participants of meeting. Besides Victor Zubkov who has arrived to Krasnodar still on Thursday, in meeting took part the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov, head minekonomrazvitija Elvira Nabiullina, head minpromtorga Victor Khristenko.

Opening meeting, Victor Zubkov has urged officials to make use more actively of foreign experience in the further development of agriculture and trade and to create new platforms for consultations on these questions. In its opinion, it is necessary to adjust an accurate chain the manufacturer - pererabotchik - trade In which would be a joint liability of all links .

Thus the first vitse - the prime minister has fallen with criticism upon growing import by Russia of the foodstuffs. for January - May, 2008 it has increased for 27,3 percent in comparison with the similar period of 2007 - Zubkov has underlined. As a result today more than 40 percent of all production on counters of foreign manufacture.

- we Carry all - tomatoes, vegetable marrows, eggplants, - Zubkov was surprised. - we carry basically from those countries where there is accurate debugged system of standardization of production, with the raised maintenance of herbicides and pesticides, no other rubbish. Looks well, and under the maintenance - disgusting. Thus, and the manufacture we do not develop.

the Meeting has occupied about three hours, and as Igor Shuvalov has informed then, conversation was interesting, but difficult . For the first time behind one table all have gathered three a link The chain mentioned by Zubkov: agricultural manufacturers, pererabotchiki and representatives of the largest trading networks. Participants of meeting first of all tried to understand, in what the true reason of a rise in prices for foodstuff, increases of consumer price indexes.

- On the instructions of the president we prepare the new act which would define rules of trade and main principles of state regulation in this activity, - Shuvalov has informed.

According to the first vitse - the premiere, all problem consists of two parts. Besides accurate regulation of trade at the state level (which the special federal law urged to provide) it is necessary to collect behind a negotiating table of representatives of all three links of a chain. they should try develop independently such rules of work, - Shuvalov has told, - which would be not discrimination, fair that all three directions would be investitsionno attractive .

As has noted the first vitse - the prime minister, representatives of trading networks the first have brought the offer to begin dialogue on development joint rules of behaviour . The main reason of that trading networks at us develop today slowly, Shuvalov sees in shortage of floor spaces. Their quantity on one thousand inhabitants at us while approximately twice is less, than in other European Union countries. we while do not have competitive environment, - Shuvalov has complained, - and our primary goal to create and develop this environment together with regional and municipal authorities .

In this connection Shuvalov has mentioned also changes in the law on trade over which the government works for a long time already. According to the first vitse - a premiere, the law should promote first of all to increase in number of trading networks in Russia. originally prepared edition of the law has been rejected, - Shuvalov has told. - Now it is necessary to work over new edition which should have transparent character for all three links of this chain .