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The West Ukrainian Prikarpatye has appeared in epicentre of unknown flooding on force

the West Ukrainian Prikarpatye it has appeared in epicentre of unknown flooding on force. Most strongly Ivano has suffered from act of nature - Frankovsky area. Here 17 victims, five from them - children are already registered. Under preliminary forecasts, victims can be 10 times more.

By means of climbers and divers from the mountain areas filled in with muddy water are evacuated to ten thousand prikarpattsev. Military helicopters remove people from roofs. For the fifth day of continuous rains in region almost all crops, warehouses jadohimikatov, trunk-railways, highways and even three-storyed residential buildings are flooded. The disaster zone was surrounded by two thousand militiamen and division of internal troops. They block the destroyed roads and try to protect the left houses from marauders.

It is very terrible, - the inhabitant of small town Tysmenitsa Ljubov Koval has told. - you stand and feel that water has gone on feet. Not clearly, whence it has appeared. One more instant - and a stream pulls out doors. We had not time even to take with ourselves documents. Almost all our savings remained in a hut. I do not know, on what we will live.

Having interrupted the participation in celebrations concerning 1020 - letija Christenings of Russia, on Sunday from Kiev the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and Minister of Defence Yury Ehanurov have urgently taken off for a disaster zone.

Old residents will not remember such scale trouble. In the most regional centre, Ivano - Frankovske, has stopped all municipal transportation, do not work plumbing and sanitary. Prikarpatye expects the emergency help from reserve fund of the government. However, as the head of the Ukrainian ministry concerning emergency situations Vladimir Shandra has declared, budget money on liquidation of natural accident can be allocated for prime measures only on Wednesday.

By the way

evacuation having a rest with the resorts located near to Kishinev Has begun. The prime minister has declared it - the minister of Moldova Zynaida Grechanaja on urgently called a press - conferences. She has told that in connection with act of nature in the western areas of Ukraine where the strongest downpours do not stop, there was a real threat of flooding from - for flood of the rivers the Rod and Dnestr. Experts predict that on Monday the water level in these rivers will increase a minimum by metre.