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The salary of teachers in Russia has grown twice

About it there was a speech at session of working group on nats to the project Formation in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

a meeting Main point - as regions - winners of competition of the national project realise the complex programs. After all conditions of competition for winners were that: grants are received only by those who is ready to modernise a local education system actively.

Competition of regions started within the limits of the national project in 2007, and for today already 34 subjects of Federation have received presidential grants. In 2007 for it it has been allocated from the federal budget more than 4 billion roubles. In 2008 and 2009 it is planned on five and a quarter of billions annually.

According to the rector of Institute of problems of an educational policy Eureka Alexander Adamsky, all of them successfully consult with the taken obligations. The salary of teachers - and is one of the basic indicators of successful performance of the program declared on competition - has grown for 50 percent. And the most qualified teachers - twice and even have more. But all the same, even with such increases the teacher`s income hardly holds out to 20 thousand.

development of the Higher school of management (VSHM) in St.-Petersburg became Other important question on discussion in the ministry. This educational institution has been created in 2006 also within the limits of the national project Formation on the basis of faculty of management of Sankt - the Petersburg state university. Such university model it is actual today for the majority doing business - world schools. Namely to one of them also is going to become in future VSHM. According to plan, the high status and the first places in a world rating business - schools it will reach by 2015. But also at the initial stage the School already has visible successes. So, for the first time in Russia the international accreditations of programs of a bachelor degree, a magistracy and MBA are received. Exchanges of students for the so-called included training are conducted with 26 done business - schools of Europe and the USA.

By 2012 as dean VMSH Valery Katkalo has noted, at school I will study about 2 thousand persons. Eight educational programs will go exclusively in English, and foreign students will be not less a quarter.