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The Russian actions again have gone to growth after Friday falling of stock market

History with a Mechel scarified the prime minister - the minister for the marketing policy, should become a lesson for the Russian companies, the assistant to the president Arcady Dvorkovich has declared yesterday.

Now on hands at the population already it is a lot of actions and other tools of stock market, therefore the state needs to be approached to any steps to this sphere with care, Arcady Dvorkovich considers. It is necessary to show consideration for a condition of our market which is already significant for the ordinary citizens storing the savings in actions and bonds because any actions of the companies or public authorities influence a price of securities - have transferred words of the assistant to the president of news agency. we should concern the public companies which work in the market " as much as possible accurately; - Arcady Dvorkovich has underlined.

Meanwhile the company a Mechel already has hastened to declare publicly that divides concern of the government concerning the enterprises of a metallurgical complex in connection with a rise in prices for metal products and a source of raw materials. a Mechel also has expressed readiness to co-operate with FAS which has begun check mining daughters the companies and to give the exhaustive information on all arising questions.

that the company actively co-operates with FAS, is a positive signal for investors and will certainly be reflected in market price of its actions, Arcady Dvorkovich considers. As he said, no promptness or haste here is present, in put terms FAS the decision will pass. Confirming to its words yesterday head FAS Igor Artemyev has declared that its service in a situation with the company a Mechel does not pursue any other purposes, except penalty collecting in the budget if for this purpose there will be bases.

we Will remind that on Friday RTS index has fallen off for 5,58 percent, to 1951 points. Last time below a mark of 2000 points it fell in the end of March. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has fallen to 5,49 percent, to 1487 points. Some experts connect market falling with a situation around a Mechel which actions have lost at the auctions over 30 percent of the cost. And after them all securities of the companies of sector of ferrous metallurgy have failed for 10 percent. Then have gone downwards and the others blue counters : Gazprom has fallen in price for 3,5 percent, Gazprom oil - for 9,4 percent, and the Savings Bank has lost 7,4 percent. The total cost of actions - capitalisation of the Russian stock market has fallen on 58 billion dollars.

However, on Monday the tendency of stabilisation of the market was outlined. To the middle of trading day the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has risen upwards for 1,33 percent, to 1506 points, and RTS has added 1,46 percent, but and has not reached heights 2000 having stopped on 1979 points. Many experts wait for continuation corrections upwards but also fears of decrease remain.