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In Moscow make experiment which will accustom Muscovites to go on midget cars

City authorities seriously undertook for popularisation of small-displacement vehicles . From words they pass to practical actions. The mayor of Moscow has signed the order according to which in the second half of the year the experiment which purpose - to try to replace as much as possible townspeople for a wheel of small cars begins.

Since October, 1st in capital should start to give out fuel cards to owners of all new midget cars. Small-displacement cars can participate in experiment with working volume of the engine no more than 1,3 thousand the cubic centimetres equipped in weight no more of 1 thousand of kgs, length no more than 4 metres and corresponding to an ecological class " only; Euro - 3 and above. Compact cars now fall under the specified criteria some, including popular enough among the Moscow motorists Deu Matiz Kia Pikanto . Well and, naturally, domestic Oka .

in What image it will be possible to receive a fuel card? With this question has addressed to the head of department of wildlife management and preservation of the environment to Leonid Bochinu, one of the basic developers of experimental conditions.

- In the near future on the terms of city competition the fuel companies will be selected, through which owners of small-displacement cars can receive cards, well and, accordingly, there to refuel, - Bochin has told. - As the basic criteria at a choice it will be considered, what quantity of gasoline stations the company in territory of Moscow, and also technical possibility of its operators to accept for payment cards, and not just available funds owns. And, of course, the steadfast attention will be given to quality of fuel realised there.

At the beginning on balance of a fuel card will be 24 thousand roubles. It is so much, on polls, present owners of midget cars spend for gasoline in a year. if experiment goes normally, further is planned to increase this sum, - Bochin has promised. - also other measures of encouragement of owners of compact city cars Besides, are provided. For example, discounts for city parkings .

So, the quantity of parking spaces for midget cars on city parkings - not less than 15 percent from total number should be till the end of the year established.

While it is not clear, whether it will be possible such measures though as - that to raise popularity of midget cars. Meanwhile Muscovites get them not too willingly. One low safety of such class of cars does not arrange, others - malomoshchnost their engine and impossibility of switching for high speeds, in general it seems to the third not prestigious to get into the car the small car. According to wildlife management and preservation of the environment department, today on capital highways travel about no more than 3 percent of midget cars. At the same time in Europe midget cars are very popular today. After all, besides a number of the negative moments, at them is and many the positive. In particular, on them it is very convenient to park, make various maneuvers. And on road they a lot of places do not occupy. And in the conditions of constant stoppers from which the majority of big cities suffers, it is important. As they say, the less your car, the further you will leave.