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Children`s toys have terrified public prosecutors

Office of Public Prosecutor has begun active struggle against infringers children`s rest . In the country have passed mass checks as the rights of the smallest citizens are protected. As a result for four months the Office of Public Prosecutor has revealed more thousand infringements of the law on protection of children. The most widespread among them - a pornography, a narcotism and crime occurrence on the Internet.

Protecting a mental and physical condition of children, the Office of Public Prosecutor has faced with grandiose on scales advertising activity tempers - wreckers persistently offering to drink and smoke. In many regions of Russia not only illegally sell, but also illegally advertise small adult pleasures but near sports and playgrounds, cinemas and parks boards of cigarettes without preventions of harm of their use are hanged out.

Public prosecutors have stated claims to unlimited sale of a sensuality. In the European countries for a long time it is taken to turn for a rule these magazines in a black cover and to sell only full age. As practice has shown, such variant does not suit fair Russian businessmen. Children`s eyes are not protected from adult klubnichki which comes across literally continually.

As obliges public prosecutors have walked on children`s shops and have found out there weight of frightening things. The devils, the cut off heads, corpses in an anatomic cut. Such to other adult to take terrible in hands. Toys in the form of human extremities seem amusing to everybody, only not to children`s psychologists. In such games it is better not to play, the Office of Public Prosecutor considers.

Bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor are compelled to accept strict measures for protection of children. A spirit at the State Office of Public Prosecutor more than serious. For elimination of infringements for today it is brought more than five hundred representations, it is protested seven illegal legal certificates and the set of criminal cases is raised.

the Separate problem - violence propagation (in toys, cinema, the Internet). It seems harmless for children`s audience, but as a result turns to real cruelty. An example - a youth fashion on amateur records of fights and a beating, thefts and mockeries over weak which as it is free walk on a network the Internet. And as can freely catch sight to small children.