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The favourite bicycle of the leader of the British conservatives searched for all Notting - Hill

In one of the well-known London areas Notting - hill the last some days were developed a unique rescue operation. Searched for the gone old friend of the leader of Conservative party of Great Britain David Cameron. The history has appeared with the happy end. The friend have returned. But without one wheel.

About a happy ending of incident which the leader of the British conservatives has, seemingly, taken too to heart, on Monday with ecstasy all country read in local newspapers. Last week at Cameron as it was found out, the bicycle was gone. These two-wheeled means of transportation also were, according to the politician, it the old friend .

As - that in the evening Cameron has gone to buy products for a family. In Russia the leader of one of the largest political parties, certainly, would send in shop of the assistants. In Britain all differently. And the politician whom, it is not excluded, in the foreseeable future can become the prime minister of Great Britain, has not sat down in a magnificent limousine, and has gone to the nearest supermarket on own bicycle.

It, most likely, has developed a leaf with the long list of products. Has performed the necessary operations to fill the cart. But, probably, not up to the top, as on a bicycle home many products you will not take away. Has paid the goods on cash desk. Besides itself. Also has gone to the old friend. But the friend on a place it has not appeared. The friend was gone. It have stolen.

the Police, however, did not hurry up to help Cameron. They, probably, have considered that the leader of conservative party will grieve not for long and will soon get to itself the new friend in one of the nearest bicycle shops. But Cameron continued to grieve. And then to it newsdealers from " to the aid have come; Sandi a mirror .

it is obvious, their rescue operation was business far not disinterested. After all the reporting on searches with the happy end and thankful words of the main conservative of Britain to edition obviously expensive cost. So, having rolled up sleeves, newsdealers were accepted for good reason. In the assistants they took the seller of mopeds Ernest Teofila who, probably, not bad was a sign with investigation methods not somebody, and Sherlock Holmes. As a result the well-known bicycle was searched by already whole army of local teenagers.

the Result has not kept itself waiting long. The bicycle was all in several quarters from a scene of crime - at an input in that supermarket. However, friend Cameron did not have not enough wheel. But also it soon was. By the way, obligatory for driving on this type of transport in Great Britain the bicycle helmet too has appeared on a place. That has strongly surprised Cameron. After all, as the British politician has noticed, the helmet from a head of a celebrity of the state scale can be sold successfully on any the Internet - auction. However, it is not excluded that pilferers simply did not know, they have pulled down whose bicycle.

Cameron`s Old friend not the first time gets on leading articles of the British newspapers together with the owner. It is known that the leader of conservatives is one of the most active in Great Britain propagandists for a healthy way of life and environment protection. On a personal example here some years he tries to prove, what even the high-ranking British politicians can do without limousines, moving on streets of London.

And so in this time already there were the scandals connected with love of Cameron to the old friend twice. At first journalists have made investigation and have found out that each time, going for work on a bicycle, Cameron nevertheless uses office motor transport. Going out of doors, it as it became known, secretly puts the boots and all documents necessary to it in the car, and then sits down on a bicycle. And boots and papers go to office for Cameron on respectful distance.

Another time reporters from Dejli a mirror have removed on video as Cameron, going for a drive on streets of London on a bicycle, four times has broken traffic regulations. Including has passed on red light. The shots testifying to infringements, have been published in one of newspaper numbers. I know that it is very important to observe traffic regulations, but that time I have made a mistake with which now it is very a shame to me, - Cameron justified. - that the Mirror watch me, will help me with the future always to be on the alert .