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Billionaire Mohammed al - Fajed has found out oil in itself in an estate

Egyptian billionaire Mohammed Living in Britain al - Fajed is known first of all as the owner of the largest trading house Herrodz . The Twist of fate consists that the billionaire did not know until recently that bathes in gold literally.

In oil as newsdealers name oil. The billionaire has been to no small degree surprised, having found out in immediate proximity from a fence of the estate located near to London, an oil derrick. He has demanded explanations from the company Palmers vud to which, actually, also posesses a tower.

To be spent for explanations representatives Palmers vud did not become, having referred to the law on protection of business secret. Then Mohammed al - Fajed has addressed in court. He was afraid that owners of a tower had evil intentions concerning its property. The court has dispelled all fears of the businessman. It has appeared that firm Palmers vud the person of the owner of a site occupied a little. Simply under a manor al - Fajeda on depth of 300 metres is located an oil field. And the company found out, from what side to it to steal up.

the Court has decided: Palmers vud should share with the billionaire the actions. Now it, according to the same verdict, has transferred into account the owner of the trading house Herrodz more than one million dollars. And the billionaire has acquired the right to name a proud name the oil industry worker .

Other well-known British businessman and the billionaire, the head of versatile holding Verdzhin grup Richard Brenson considers that money reaches for money first of all under the influence of forces of gravitation, more precisely, as a result of their overcoming. Already 250 persons have paid on 200 thousand dollars for not existing yet, but possibility widely advertised by Brensonom to drive round the Earth on suborbital kosmolete at height of 110 kilometres.

Among potential passengers two Russian families, and also such persons, as outstanding physicist Stefen Hoking, the former star " already appear; soap operas Victoria Prinsipel, designer Philippe Starck and others.

In 18 - the metre device will be six seats - four for tourists and two for pilots. At height of 110 kilometres, having tested overloads of 4 units, to tourists will allow to come unfastened and poparit in weightlessness, considering the Earth in the big windows located on all parties of the ship. To return the ship gather in a mode of free planning.

From the information of founders kosmoleta, received the name Spejsship II the device is already ready for 70 percent. After the first 30 test flights Richard Brenson is going to test personally kosmolet to feel a state of weightlessness. Probably, the billionaire as a result of it will be even better to feel soil underfoot. And what basically business - is under it oil or not.