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The photocompetition spent j has shown officials in unusual foreshortenings

exhibition Opening the Don power in persons became event in life of political beau monde of the Rostov region. The deputy of the State Duma from region, vitse - governors, local ministers have gathered in the Don state public library to see 100 best photoworks of finalists of the competition for the first time organised by Southern representation, administration of the Rostov region and the Don Legislative Assembly.

- such exhibitions pass In the State Duma regularly, - the deputy of the State Duma from the Rostov region Zoe Stepanova speaks. - All press photographers want to catch representatives of the power in unexpected situations. The photos they learn public people that they watched themselves, the actions. Sometimes you sit, and it would be desirable to correct, get a hairdress something from a handbag, and then you catch yourself on thought: is not present - is not present, then will see all! To the people invested by the power, too anything human is not alien: gestures, sincere experiences...

In public the first persons are always clasped on all buttons. Therefore it is twice pleasant, when it is possible to remove the official in an unexpected foreshortening. Participation in an exhibition have accepted about 50 photomasters and fans from all corners of area. On court of authoritative jury they have presented half-thousand works for last 20 years.

- the Exhibition is interesting first of all to inhabitants of the Don capital and the Rostov region who can see it later, - the assistant to the head of administration of the Rostov region Alexander Bedrik is assured. - the Power lives and works for people. Therefore they should a thicket see heads whom they are actually.

is not ordinary event for our area, - the representative of other branch of the power - the vice-president of Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region Evgenie Shepelev considers. - it is difficult to stop in turmoil of current affairs that unique instant. But there are people who have caught it and have kept for us. Here not ordinary pictures which stand on hind legs the person, a rhythm of events are presented. The only thing, would be desirable, that the municipal authority has been more presented at an exhibition.

Under sounds of violin ensemble and with champagne glasses in hands public slowly considered photoworks, came back to pleasant pictures and is live discussed the seen.

- We knew that for last two decades in editorial and personal archives the large quantity of interesting photos has accumulated, - the co-chairman of jury, the head of department of the information and monitoring of administration of the Rostov region Marina Pojurova tells. - Some of them were when - that are published, many will see for the first time.

- it is pleasant that such considerable quantity of people has responded to participation in competition, - the director of Southern representation in Rostov-on-Don, the co-chairman of jury of competition Vladimir Ladnyj considers. - both a theme interesting, and pictures unexpected. It was difficult to choose the best from such quantity of works, but we tried and guided by a principle - behind a banality side . It not smart portraits, and pictures which are interesting for considering. That was welcomed fair reportazhnyj style which we take for a basis and in our newspaper - not to embellish the power, and to write about it openly and fairly. And what can be more fair, than a photo?

the Diploma of the first degree has received for a series of photos bild - the editor of the newspaper the Taganrog truth Anatoly Ivashov. He admitted that on the eve of solemn opening of an exhibition has specially bought a suit! Press photographers and officials together walked on an exhibition and with genuine interest considered portraits, remembered, where and as it has been removed.

- When to Rostov there came the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia to this meeting all divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were very responsibly prepared, - press photographer Anatoly Ivashov tells. - very serious cordon have made, and us, photographers have, of course, exposed for it. Shchadrin was the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Rostov region then. It often happened in Taganrog, I often photographed it and personally knew. On my good luck, he just also saw off the Moscow visitors in the office. Anybody from our children to them and close did not admit, and when Shchadrin has overtaken me - I have given a hand to it for a greeting. He has smiled, has answered my hand shake and I... Has not let out his hand, continuing to go near to it. Protection, of course, has passed me - after all I went in pair with their chief. So I unique have passed in an office and have made exclusive shooting.